Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's Been Going On?

Hubby mentioned the other day that I haven't been putting much on here lately.  I have actually been writing daily on my personal journal blog instead. The many frustrating events of the last few weeks have left me a bit downtrodden and I try to keep this one as cheerful as possible.

I do have two incredible adorable boys though that not only forgive me for my surplus of grumpiness lately, but also make me laugh daily at the creative ways they try to amuse themselves.

We have replaced our old family tradition of watching America's Funniest Videos together with watching the semifinals of American Ninja Warrior. Either you know this show...or you don't. But if you have a little boy (or several) then this show is a must. It's basically a big old obstacle course, and when they miss, they fall in water (You can see why Aaron would love it). Because of the many evenings we have spent as a family watching this, Aaron keeps creating "courses" of his own, both at home and away. So it was no surprise when he spent our time at the park the other day doing a course across the bridge.

The boys have also been developing their fort making skills around the house. This started as Steve set up one of our tents in Aaron's room a couple of weeks ago. The funniest part was that Aaron ended up being freaked out and slipping into his bed to actually sleep. It kind of makes me glad that we have a cabin rented when we go to Wabasis for camping in a few weeks, rather than tent camping this year. Noah's latest was quite developed, and of course all of his favorite sock monkeys were all snuggled in ready for bed:)

Aaron fulfilled his lifetime dream a couple of weeks ago as we went to a community event that featured a DUNK TANK. To most kids this would just seem like a fun little event. But to Aaron, who has been obsessed with dunk tanks for the better part of 3 or more years, it was a dream come true and he got to spend three hours dunking and throwing. It will be what he will talk ab out for the rest of the summer I'm sure.

Noah often sits back and watches as Aaron does all of his silly little ideas of ways to make fun around the house. While Aaron is creating strange courses or dunks, Noah is usually sitting and drawing comics in his room or reading a book in a corner. So I always laugh when I come into a room and find Noah somewhere that I'd normally find Aaron,. This blue bucket seems to wander around our house for various activities every day but I cracked up when I was outside and Noah asked , "Mom, can I have some grapes?" and I came in to find him happily snuggled down into the bucket, minding his own business eating grapes. My boys are just so funny sometimes.

So we haven't had any big events this summer.  And due to the developments of my jobs lately, it looks as if the things we had planned are not likely to happen. So given these new circumstances, I am glad that I have two boys who are creative, fun, and willing to make their own fun.

And I have to admit, I love having fun with them. We played catch with the football all afternoon yesterday and again today. Will these be memories they will remember someday? I'm not sure. But I know that I will remember.

PS I got an email a couple of weeks ago offering a giveaway for my blog readers. I am so excited since it has been so long. I know my reader comments have become  way low since I have posted less often but I hope that if you are still reading you will stay tuned. I will be using the product for Noah's birthday party next week and then giving one away to a lucky reader :)

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