Sunday, June 17, 2012

Getting the Job Done

Noah makes me laugh so often.

He tries to be a clown and those are the MANY moments where I definitely DO NOT laugh. But it's the times when he is just being his normal funny self that I absolutely adore.

Back over Christmas vacation, Noah had to get his tonsils out and I made him a blanket to take with him to the hospital. He picked out Sock Monkey fleece and the night before the surgery, I surprised him with a sock monkey "buddy" to go with it.  The nurses even let Sock Monkey go into surgery with him and even the doctor commented on it when he came to check on him later.  Noah says that Sock Monkey helped him through his "darkest hour" (yes, his words) and therefore is extra special to him.  He was in love and decided that he wanted to collect sock monkeys from then on.

Since then he has collected several more. He has a tiny beanie baby one, a baby blue one, and even a Easter bunny sock money. He tries so hard to be the "cool kid" but in reality, he is just such a softie and I love this sensitive side of him.

The other day he discovered that there was a huge string "leaking" out of poor Monkey and I was pretty impressed that he knew enough not to pull it or trim it. Instead, he brought it to the kitchen and asked me to fix it.  In a very bad mommy moment, I forgot about fixing him for a couple nights in a row. A couple of days later, he asked me again to mend his Buddy and I STILL forgot. (Yes, I am THAT bad of a mommy).

So the other night, as I was reading in bed just before turning out the light, I looked over at the chair in our room and saw Sock Monkey. I thought it was rather odd and wondered how he got all the way upstairs. At that moment, I noticed something white on his tummy. I smiled, thinking that my funny Little Guy had put a band aid on him and placed him upstairs as a reminder to fix him.

So I went over to check and see him and I found this:

Needless to say, I immediately went downstairs, grabbed the sewing kit and went to work.

Noah could have nagged, whined, or complained. But he didn't. He used his own creativity to get the job done.

And Sock Monkey is again out having fun. Since his little "surgery" a few days ago, he has had some spins on the trampoline, taken a car ride to the library, and been loved by an almost ten year old each and every night.

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