Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!!!

The new year is in full gear with almost a month behind us. And what a month it has been. Lots of firsts for us and a bit of a whirlwind. So I figure that before I start posting pictures from 2012, I should probably post about our little "celebration" to ring it in.

We decided that it was finally the year to let the boys try to stay up until midnight on new Year's Eve. I wondered if they would make it and I know Hubby was not thrilled with the idea (because of the aftermath the next day).

The afternoon of New Year's Eve we got together to roller skate with a friend from Noah's class and her mom and sister. Noah and this particular friend "claimed" each other in Kindergarten and despite typical playground stuff, have remained close for the last five years. (His favorite part about his birthday last year was that she came to fireworks with him.)

I loved that he put his arm on her shoulder...cracked us up :)

I really enjoy taking the boys skating. It is a simple activity that keeps us active and is very reasonably priced. For the first time ever, Aaron worked his way off the wall and managed to get himself around the rink without holding on to the wall (or me) quite a few times, and he was SO proud. He is even asking to have his birthday next year at the skating rink. We'll see about that.

When we got home, we decided to go easy for dinner and order pizza since I had bought plenty of snacks for later in the evening as well. Then we settled in for a movie marathon. And MARATHON it was. I actually couldn't even tell you all of the movies we watched, but it seemed like a million while we were trying to wait out midnight. The kids were too tired to play games so we brought our futon mattress up from the basement and the boys settled in on the floor.

Around 9 or so, I brought out what I THOUGHT were fireworks. After doing all the little poppers, we headed outside for Steve to light the other fireworks. What we didn't know (yes, we are THAT clueless) was that they were all various kind of poppers. As soon as we realized that, the kids had a BLAST popping them outside and making a big mess of streamers and smoke :)

Coming back in, it was time for snacks and a toast. I had forgotten to get sparkling juice so we settled on sprite in champagne glasses. Noah was overwhelmed in joy just because I had bought dip to have with chips an Aaron chowed on the cheese I had cut up for crackers. It was a fun little nighttime picnic.

The last three hours definitely seemed to drag on forever. More movies and FINALLY the countdown on TV. By the time it was midnight, Aaron was awake with his eyes but not in spirit and actually got mad at us when we shouted "Happy New Year". I think we were all in bed by 12:05 and asleep by 12:06, but at least we made it :)

New Year's Day brought the first significant snow for the year. It didn't come early enough for us to head out sledding, but I made good on a promise I had made to Noah before his tonsil surgery two weeks week before. He had wanted IHOP pancakes as soon as his throat was healed so that is how we celebrated the new year...with chocolate chip smile pancakes from IHOP.

And 2012 was oficially welcomed in!

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