Friday, December 23, 2011

'Twas The Week Before Christmas

"Twas the week before Christmas and what did we do
Spent it recovering but NOT from the flu

Little Boy Noah has had sickness galore
So surgery was scheduled so he'd be sick no more

Little bro Aaron went off for a stay
with Grandma and Grandpa not too far away

A quick dinner out for his last solid meal
before it is time to begin the ordeal

The day started early before the sun came out
a gown and slippers but never a pout

Bundled up snuggly with his new blanket and monkey
a few sips of medicine and now he feels "funky"

Sitting and waiting for two hours to pass
Angry Birds and TV shows make the time go quite fast

The time came to go and there were a few tears
A reasonable reaction when one has some fears

So quickly it's over and he's back in the room
Slushies and Popsicles and Disney movies too

The nurses exclaim over and over again
what a wonderful patient our Noah has been

Three hours later it's time to go home
A ride in a wheelchair and we're ready to go

Home on the couch it's time to heal
and constantly get asked "How do you feel?"

Throat pain continues but it's controllable now
Especially since we finally know how

Four days have passed and life is returning
To normal except for some minor stomach churning

So the week before Christmas has passed in a blur
In the long run will be worth it, we are all quite sure

The stockings are hung and Noah's returning to his bed
So that tomorrow night it's Santa's living room instead

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The Bumbles said...

Wow - what a way to spend the holidays! Glad Noah is recovering - such a good little trooper. I know you all will enjoy your Christmas - wishing nothing but health and security for you in the New Year!