Monday, July 11, 2011

How to Enjoy A Splashpad

In our area, ever the last few years, splash pads have been springing up all over the place. They're safer, easier, and less expensive to maintain than city pools and do a great job keeping the kids cool in the hot summer weather.

Aaron is a water MANIAC. He is one who from day one has always wanted to be engulfed in water and will do anything to be wet, no matter what the weather outside or what he happens to be wearing at any given time. So therefore, the boy begs every day to go to the newest splash pad that was recently installed right around the corner from us. And true to hos personality, he has a blast every single time, with a bucket and a smile :)

Noah hasn't been so enthusiastic this year about splash pads this year. Each time we go, I bring his bathing suit but he's not interested. He finally told me why the other day and so now I understand his thought process. The last time we went with some friends though after we were there for well over and hour, just as we were getting ready to leave, he asked to put on his suit and join in the fun. Unfortunately, I had to tell him no. I felt so bad. But I am hoping that means that he is ready to join in the fun next time.

Which I'm sure will come very soon.

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