Friday, June 3, 2011

Last Day of School

I sit here with a second and fourth grader in the house. When did THAT happen?

It was such a great year for both boys. I usually always take a picture of each of them on the front step on the first and last day of school and compare. While I was looking at pictures last night, I discovered that through the big mess on the first day of school this year, I cannot find the pictures I took of each individual boy that day. I do have the one of them together though on the first day.

As I sent them off to school, Noah in particular was pretty sad. He misses his friends in summer, but I think he misses the structure of school as well, even though I know he'd never admit it.

As I was getting ready to go into work this morning, I realized that I wouldn't have a chance to talk to their teachers after school in the rush of things so I sat down and wrote them each a very heartfelt email about how amazing I think they are. I found myself crying each time as I am overwhelmed by the excellent year that both boys had, completely due to their two incredible teachers.

I ran to the mall to get each of the teachers a gift card to put in their cards and then headed up to school for the end of year assembly. It is always a very long event but it is fun to be there and see which award each of the kids in the classes gets since we have come to know all of the kids in all the grades well, being such a small school.

For class awards, there were certainly no surprises. The boys got exactly what I thought they would. Aaron got the Best Reader award in academics and Most Enthusiastic in character. Noah got Author/ Illustrator award. His teacher said the sweetest thing when she presented it. She said that all year while she was reading his stories she had to keep reminding herself that they were written by a third grader. So sweet.

Aaron also received a special award from the Art Teacher as Most Improved. This was special I think because he was SO far behind in fine motor at the beginning of the year that we weren't sure if he would even be able to catch up. To have been recognized for that hard work was something very special.

The boys also both got awards for participating in the presidential fitness program and charms for mileage club. Noah ended up with 11 charms on his necklace this year. But then the PE teachers kept going for Noah. He received several Best in Class awards for different PE activities, which he receives every year. But this year he got another one. School records start in 3rd grade and he got the SCHOOL record for 3/4th grade pushups. 33! He said he could have done more but he was bored :) I guess he'll just have to break it next year.

I then sat down after the boys were in bed to some light reading, perusing some of the writing that Noah did this year in school, wondering why his teacher was so amazed by it. It was the most wonderful hour! Weaved in among his many writings about Mario for Ds were some amazing pieces of writing. It definitely gave me even more insight into that little boy's mind and Steve and I sat there stunned at some of these writings. So cool.

So begins summer vacation. I will be working a couple of days a week at Gymboree and teaching piano one morning a week. That still leaves us two days a week to just play, which is what I intend to do. We've all worked hard and earned it.

So let the fun begin!


bethn said...

Wow! This year has gone so fast! Our boys are growing up way too fast!

I did the same with Dylan's writing last week. I was blown away by what they do in school.

I was thinking of finding a way to get the stories put together in a book.

Enjoy your summer!

Stacey,momof 2 said...

it is so nice to read a post like this,,,to know that your kids are doing really well.. and that the future is bright-- lovely! cue the angels.... :)