Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not JUST for hoops...

I made a momma bird unhappy this weekend.

And on Mother's Day weekend to boot.

As I was setting up to have a small garage sale on Friday just to try to make enough money to get a small video camera that was on an amazing sale at Target last week, I heard a strange noise behind me. I looked up and saw this:

I started to worry. As you know, we got creative to figure out a way to get the boys a basketball hoop for our driveway and they use it every afternoon. So I started worrying. I figured I should knock it down before anything got more involved. Then, I saw this:

Now I really started worrying. What if Momma Bird has already laid eggs in her nest? If I move the nest, Momma will abandon her "babies" and I will feel horrible. I spent the entire morning and into the afternoon watching Momma Bird fly away and return to sit in her nest.

My dad is is a wonderful photographer of nature and also a bit of a bird enthusiast so I spent the entire day wondering what he would think I was if I destroyed the nest. Luckily, that afternoon while I was having an unrelated breakdown, my step mom called. Within the conversation, I mentioned Momma Bird and the predicament. My parents gave me their blessing to pull the nest, declaring that happiness of boys trumps Momma Bird's nest location." So with a remaining small amount of guilt, I did indeed climb up and bring down her nest. I was SOOO happy when I saw it empty and that Momma Bird hadn't deposited her precious cargo yet.

I also paused in amazement for a moment. First of all, the nest was quite heavy, which surprised me. I actually found myself really studying the construction. It is amazing how such a small animal can create such a perfect home. Taking awkward shaped twigs of all sizes and bending them into perfect circles, soft and ready to make a cozy home for new life.

I've never thought about a bird's nest before. I kept the nest for the boys, who were planning to bring it in for show and tell this week.

I was relieved to have the next dilemma solved and the hoop was empty ready for action when the boys arrived home from work that afternoon.

But I have to admit, the next Saturday morning, when I noticed not one, but TWO birds in action rebuilding, I didn't hesitate this time around. I knocked it down right away before construction took shape. And surprisingly enough, they seem to have found a new place to rebuild for now.

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