Sunday, May 15, 2011

3 Weeks Of School Left

I cannot believe that there are only three weeks of school left. This year has flown so fast. I was driving to pick them up the other day and realized how calm this school year has seemed compared to years past and I was trying to figure out why. Here are some of my thoughts:

A. The first day was such a tumultuous start, with trying out a different school and after only three hours there realizing that no school would meet our needs as well as BCCS. Returning to BCCS on the second day of school was like coming home and we all knew it was the place for us.

B. After such a struggle trying to figure out which grade to put Aaron into, and realizing it was against my September first cut off beliefs, Aaron flourished in first grade. It took a few weeks to settle into the fact that we were going to have to work with him on math and penmanship at home, but after finding a routine that worked, things have been smooth sailing. We will have to work some this summer to insure that he doesn't fall behind as things get harder next year, but I think we can get him ready. And he definitely showed that he could rise to expectations this year.

C. Both teachers we had this year are the best ever! The only thing that makes me sad is not having them again next year. Especially Aaron's whom we have had for both boys and I admire more than words can say. Both of the teachers this year have shown so much love for the boys and have made them feel special each and every day they were at school. Noah's teacher recognized his gift for writing and creativity and has encouraged him very enthusiastically. There can be no better school experience than that. I will miss these teachers SO MUCH next year.

D. Noah made straight A's this year. It was fun watching him realize toward the end that he was actually going to have to start WORKING, rather than everything comping completely easy for him. This will be a big adjustment to him next year when the work gets even harder.

E. In the past, behavioral problems seemed to have plagued the schooling. This year was not the case. Due to both things we've implemented at home and the very strong classroom management skills of both teachers, this year has been quite easy. Instead of past "daily reports" that were worrisome, this year it was things like, "I forgot to raise my hand". I'll take those any day of the week :)

F. Car pooling definitely made the year easier. I was so grateful when a mom from Noah's class called early in the year to split driving. Having her drive them to school every day opened up the opportunity to finally find a job and be working every day. And with gas prices skyrocketing this year, it definitely made going to a school out of our district and further away more justifiable.

We have discovered some strengths and weaknesses for both boys this year and we are working to learn how best to help each of them. There have definitely been some surprises, and also moments of sheer pride as they try to grow up and become more independent. At the same time, I am finding it harder to face the fact that I have to let go more and let them "sink or swim". That is going to be an ongoing struggle with this momma.

Yup, three weeks to go until summer vacation. Usually I am saying, "I can't wait" at this point, but I still can't believe this year is over. I probably won't believe it until that final day when I am hugging their teachers good bye for the summer and heading off to Chuck E Cheese for our celebratory dinner :)

Then it will be time for summer fun!

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