Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Conference Time

Yes, here we are, the school year is on the downhill and we have the second round of conferences tomorrow afternoon. I can't believe how quickly his year is going.

Since I am in the school every Tuesday for lunch duty, I have a chance to chat with each of their teachers on a regular basis and also a small chat with Aaron's teacher when I pick him up in the afternoons. So I hope there aren't any huge surprises.

It has been such a great year for both boys. I worried about Noah's class since he had a sub for the entire first part of the year. His "real" teacher came around Thanksgiving and I love her. She is so loving to all of the kids and you can tell that she genuinely likes them. I know that seems like a given but sometimes you wonder... Noah has gotten a couple of B's the last couple of weeks so I am not sure if he still has all A's but he is still doing fine and am so proud of him.

Aaron's conference will be interesting. I put him into first grade thinking he would most likely have two years of first grade. I'll spare you the details but it was just a thought process we went through. As of now, I am baffled. Although he is still younger than the rest of his class, he has progressed so much this year that now I'm not so sure. His teacher is absolutely AWESOME so I completely trust whatever she tells me tomorrow. I am trying to make a list of the things I want to ask since I always seem to forget everything I want to ask the teachers when I walk in the door. The interesting thing here is that up until now, I've usually had an idea of what I want for my boys. This time, I am more interested in the teacher's point of view. She is so smart and loving and always wants the best for all of her students so I am eager to hear her opinions tomorrow.

These kids are getting older.
Time has gone so fast.
I am so proud of them but it is babies are gone.

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