Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: Merry Christmas

Wow, it's been the longest stretch of non-blogging since I started. Not for lack of something going on. Just making priorities and blogging fell low on the list. How about a Thursday Thirteen on what's been going on since while I Wasn't blogging?

13. Sick, sick, sick, sick
Yes, I wrote it four times since there are four of us in the house and we all got hit with various maladies. I believe we are finally on the mend. Steve started it with a bout of bronchitis that just wouldn't go away, followed by Noah getting strep for the first time in four years, followed by Aaron with some strange bumps on his face as a strep reaction, followed by various painful virus type issues I suffered from. I am still desperately tired but trying to take it easy the best I can.

12. School program
It was fun to have the boys in the same program for the first time ever. After some turmoil over having a red nose, Aaron performed like a little pro, singing out with his whole heart. Noah did fine too, but not with the same gusto, as is his nature.

11. Work
My hours at Kohl's have dropped, but given how tired I have been, they have felt like forever. I missed two nights of work due to illness and was actually thinking that I would go into work last week and find out that I had been fired. Not the case and I can't seem to get an answer about whether I will be continuing there after the New Year. Not that I want to, but I have to keep bringing in more money until I find a day job.

10. Family Gathering
We had our annual family party with all 14 grand kids there. The kids all played well together and they were all very happy with their new found gifts.

9. Concerts
My symphony chorus performances were cut short due to illness but I still made it to three of them. They were different from the other performances I have had with the symphony because they were traditional Christmas music. My parents came to one of the performances and my in-laws brought the kids to another one. I managed to get the kids to get dressed up for their first symphony concert and even gave them both their very own binoculars. From what I hear, they did well and it was fun to be on stage both times when I actually had people in the audience that I knew.

8. Concerto Competition
I have a piano student who is auditioning for the youth symphony piano concerto competition in tow weeks. For that reason, I too had to learn the piece to play the orchestra piano reduction during her audition. It has taken hours of practice as well as extra lessons over Christmas vacation. She won't win but I just hope she does better than last year. She choked last time.

7. Dog
Wow, having a puppy at Christmas is definitely a lot of work. I can't have her anywhere near when I'm wrapping, baking, bringing in groceries, watering the tree, or any other holiday-ish activity. She even ran out the door yesterday and Noah spent quite awhile walking up and down the street looking for her. Did I REALLY want a dog?

6. Christmas Shopping
Gotta admit, this horrible Kohl's job paid off BIG TIME when it came to Christmas shopping. Not only did I actually have money for Christmas presents for the boys, but I also took advantage of several employee shop days at Kohl's and got quite a few gifts there. I saved a ton of money in employee discounts.

5. Christmas wrapping
I was glad I got all of the wrapping done a few weeks ago, before everyone got sick. Now that the boys use the basement for their "clubhouse" on a regular basis and our bedroom doesn't have a closet, I've had to get creative about hiding presents. They are now in my neighbor's attic as we speak. We have her hide a key and most likely will go over to get them tonight. I think we can keep the kids out of our bedroom for one night until Santa comes tomorrow night.

4. No Santa This Year

They kids still want to believe in Santa, so we go along with it, but we didn't make a trip to sit on the big guy's lap this year. The kids know that the guy in the mall isn't the real thing and Noah especially just thinks it's silly so we didn't do it. I don't really think we're missing anything, especially since our mall charges a TEN DOLLAR SITTING FEE if you want to take your own pictures. Can't get much more commercial than that, I think.

3. Christmas Tree
We did keep up the tradition we started last year of going out and cutting down a Christmas tree. I think the most memorable part of that was when the boys were petting the pet goat and miniature horse while we were paying, Aaron actually got BITTEN by the horse on the side of the neck. He was so sad that it would bite him. But we did get the tree up. We kept the bottom bare since we didn't know how the dog would handle the tree, but surprisingly, she has barely even touched it, only tried to drink the water once in awhile.

2. Anniversary

Steve and I celebrated 14 years of marriage on Tuesday night. The kids went for an overnight at my parents and had a blast, giving Steve and me a chance to go out for dinner, see the new Harry Potter movie, and get stocking shopping done. I love having a Christmas anniversary.

1. 36 Hours to go...

until presents go under the tree and festivities begin. I am cooking my first real bird this year (a small five pound chicken) so I am sure there will be stories. I am hoping to get gingerbread houses made, Noah's glasses adjusted, and maybe a trip to the public museum today, cookies for Santa made tomorrow morning, and then the 3 O'clock church service at our new church. I am really looking forward to the service at the new church. And then...


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