Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Top Five 10/25/10

It was a very good weekend, filled with much extended family merriment. We also celebrated Aaron's sixth birthday (which is today). The weather didn't cooperate with us, but we ended up having a lot of fun with the alternative so even that worked out well. I didn't take a ton of pictures so I may have to get creative. I guess we'll see...

5. Friday Field Trip
On Friday, Aaron's first grade class joined together with their sixth grade "buddies" for leaf raking for three elderly residents. It was really a neat thing to see. I don't remember why we didn't do this when Noah was in this first grade class, but I think it was amazing to see how much work these two classes could get done in a short period of time. It seemed like the sixth graders adored their little buddies as much and the little ones adored the big. Aaron hung out with his buddy the entire time and seemed so proud. In between house two and three, we made a voyage to a nearby Burger King, and the kids were even well behaved there. I was incredible impressed with the entire lot.

4. Alternate plans
We were supposed to have our annual extended family trip to the pumpkin patch on Saturday, but Mother Nature didn't seem to want to allow it, so as an alternative, we all descended upon my parent's condo, which had pumpkins and homemade doughnuts waiting for the kids. I don't think the kids even missed the pumpkin patch they had so much fun running around and playing. One of the highlights was getting to meet our newest baby niece and nephew twins. The babies rotated from arms to arms. I had forgotten how warm new babies get when you hold them. Even Noah asked before we left to hold a baby. He insisted it had to be the boy, though :) The kids also had a blast playing in the woods out back and building a "fort", which I have been begged non stop ever since to return so they can build some more. We'll have to do that soon.

3. Lily at Grandma and Grandpa's house
One of the many things I love about my parents is how accepting they are of everyone...even the new dog. We are welcome to bring Lily with us during visits, and I find I am a lot more panicked about her having accidents in the house than they are. So we brought her to the gathering and it actually went well. She scared two of our young nieces which made me feel bad, but everyone else seemed to not mind having a little four pound canine bouncing around. For the record, she never did pee or poop in the house :) The most fun though was taking her out back, where she just ran wild, tail wagging so happily, chasing and being chased by two of my nephews. They were so cute. They kept calling her "coyote" and I don't know who was having the most fun....the "coyote" or the boys. I think it's only a matter of time until I will say "Let's go to Grandma's" and Lily will get as excited as the boys do.

2. Aaron's Birthday Pool Party
I could probably write two or three posts on this one, since my camera had 95 pictures on it by the time we got home, but I'll just leave it as a great time was had by all. I didn't get one of him blowing out the candles though, mostly because the stinker blew them out before the song was even done :) For about half the price of Chuck E Cheese last year, we took everyone to a local high school, which had three different pools with different depths. The little zero depth one was a hit for all of the kids, big and small, but it was nice that there was one place where my littlest nephew could just play on his own. There was also a high dive in which several of the kids jumped off once in awhile, but the majority of time was spent in the large pool that stays between three and four feet. We brought balls to play with and I think everyone had a good time. Included was a little party room adjacent to the pool so we were able to take a brief break from swimming to do party stuff and then get everyone back into the pool. It was definitely a great idea for a party, extremely reasonable priced, and Aaron spent the rest of the day saying over and over, "Mommy, I really had a fun time at my party."

1. Water Water Everywhere
As you all know, Aaron is a water-a-holic. (Thus, the pool party). He got blessed with a ton of Color Shifters Hot Wheels for his birthday. I think Noah's head was spinning just as much as Aaron's while he was opening them. Noah even stopped swimming about a half hour before they had to, just so he could hang out in the party room, inspecting all of the color shifters. And less than two minutes after we got home, both kids were sopping wet from playing with the sets. I sent them outside since it was unusually warm out and they got even more wet. Then, by 4:30 it was into the tub to play with the tub set. They were just so happy. And this morning, when Noah got up, he headed straight outside. When I asked him why, he told me...he had placed two of the cars out on the front steps because he wanted to see if the rain water would change them back to the original colors. (It did) Then there was a HUGE discussion this morning between the brothers over which ones would be allowed to be brought to school by which boy. Normally, I don't allow toys to go to school, but I wanted to give them a chance today. I guess we'll see how it goes.
The Week Ahead:
I can only pray that the week ahead will contain a call with a job. I also plan to finally go get my fingerprints done so I can start subbing. I am taking cupcakes into Aaron's class today for his birthday and then my in-laws will come to take them all out for Aaron's birthday while I'm at rehearsal tonight (woo hoo...dodged THAT bullet). Other than that, it will be trying to get life back in order. After my little depression fest last week, the house is in desperate need of some love, and it will probably take the week to put it back together. And of course, Halloween next weekend, which should make for another action packed post next week.

Gotta go walk the dog now. Have a good week:)


Stacey,momof 2 said...

Our weather here has put a damper on things also... glad to hear that the pool party went well--Shane got the same cars that change color also-- he did the same thing leaving the car outside to see what the rain would do to the color! Love that Lily is fitting in so well! :)
Hope things go well this week!

bethn said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Happy birthday to Aaron. We were talking about you guys this weekend. We miss you all.