Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: It's Past Midnight...

Yup, it's past midnight and I am sitting here on the stupid computer, accomplishing nothing. I've already applied to any jobs that are newly posted today (only three that were worth applying for) and my mind is spinning with so many things. Maybe if I can jot down 13 of them, then I can clear my head and get some sleep.

13. Last week of the first marking period for Noah,. He's got all A's going into this last week but they're all A-s. Hopefully he can keep them there even though he is without glasses this week. We will also be starting over with a new teacher after next week. I hope it's a good transition for him. Can't believe that Noah made it over eight months with his first pair of glasses before they were irreparably broken. Wonder how long this second pair will last.

12. Aaron is just so cute. He is still talking about his birthday weekend. The kids (cousins) played so well together all weekend long and I just feel happy when I think about it.

11. The wind outside is howling. Supposedly it is calming down but it seems to be more wild than in the last two days. I love listening to the wind howling when I'm cozy under a blanket

10. I love my house. I love my house. I love my house. I know it's small, in need of repair, and in a neighborhood that has had some gang writing appear from time to time, but I love my house and I will never ever again wish for something bigger or more glamorous. I am lucky to have this home and I want to stay here forever.

9. The catalogs have started arriving, as has the annual "I want..." for Christmas. Now that Steve and I have a much more clear plan of attack for budgeting, it's gonna be tricky, but rather than buying random things, they will each get a few things, but each thing will be something they really want. Then we will find something fun to do as a family on Christmas Day this year, rather than sit around and think about what we did or didn't get

8. Thanksgiving is going to be new this year as well. It looks like we will not be able to celebrate with either extended family so we will be finding something to do as a family that day as well. I think bowling or a movie may just be the ticket. I don't like turkey so I imagine a trip to Meijer for a store cooked turkey will be the dinner fare for the day. At least Steve will have tons of left overs.

7. Another field trip on Friday. As happy as I am that I can be part of these, I would rather be saying NO to the field trips and heading off to work instead. We need the money more than we need to be driving third graders to Kalamazoo for the day

6. Why am I fundamentally unhirable? I am smart, pleasant, and cute. Surely someone must want me. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Glad for this new car pooling so that as soon as the boys are picked up tomorrow morning I can take the dog out for her morning poop and then maybe get some sleep to make up for this wasted night

4. Why must all relationships go through seasons of change?

3. What does it mean if my faith wavers during times of uncertainty? Does everyone feel like Job sometimes? Even when there are so many good things going for you at the same time?

2. I'm really sick of political ads. What would the world be like if every single person looking to be a public servant cared to look at every decision they make through each person's eyes that it will affect. I wonder if that would abolish "political parties" and we would be left with people trying to care for other people. Period.

1. Could there be a more random list of thoughts at 12:45 in the morning? I think not.

Okay, my mind is now spinning more, but I am going to try to go sneak up next to my snoring husband, pray that I stay quiet enough that the dog won't wake up, let go of the fact that I never got to slip in an in-law rant within the list, and head to bed.

Wish me luck :)

Good night.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Congrats to Noah and I'm so glad that Aaron had a good birthday! We still need to get him something and get the kids together sometime soon.

Kalamazoo for a field trip, with no busing? Yikes. I hear you there. And with the political ads too - I think they're so much worse this year too, which is hard to believe. I don't trust anything any of them are saying anyway, so don't see what the point of the ads is to begin with. I think you've got the right idea...

bethn said...

Oh darling friend. First, there is nothing wrong with you. You are not unhireable, half the country is looking for work. The just right job will come at the just wrong time. It always does.

As for the holidays, my advice would be to find a service project. There are always groups looking for help serving meals, etc on the holidays. We used to cook a meal for homeless families with my whole family on Christmas day in the afternoon. It was a great way to remember our blessings and give back. It was also great for the kids to see.

Anyways, enough of that I hop you were able to get some sleep and have some time today to sleep.

Have fun on the field trip tomorrow.

The Bumbles said...

Oh wow - I love bethn's idea of volunteering on the holiday. Family time, helping others, lessons. Sounds like a great opportunity. And you know what they say about volunteering? It can lead to a job!

As for the political ads, I don't even know which side these people are on any more - just that they all do things that someone else isn't going to agree with. I thought they were supposed to go and represent US, not go and do whatever THEY believe. I am honestly beginning to think they are all the same. The ones who are new and mean well don't have any power to get the good things done. And the ones who have been there forever get drunk with their power and worry more about returning favors than getting the good things done. But the real trouble is, they all have to spend half of their term campaigning with the ads that everyone hates. Put out a website with your voting record, your ideas, your budget priorities and then do some debates. Spend the rest of your time doing your job.

Kila said...

I can identify with much of what you wrote.

I say I have strong faith, but it is sometimes hard to really keep the faith and just trust, and let go.

As for the job, the right one will come along when it's time. I've seen it happen over and over. Be patient, and thank God in advance for it!

So happy for you that you love your house. That's how I feel about the home I currently live in with my friends. It's nothing special or big, but I love it. It's the first house I've felt that way about.

Enjoy those field trips! I really miss that since I moved away. I used to go along on almost all field trips with my boys. Great memories.

Congrats to Noah on the good grades!

Jen@BigBinder said...

Yeah, number 3?? Out of nowhere my faith waivers. I don't get it. The older I get, the more I am able to tell myself that "this too will pass" (doubt) but still - it's annoying.
And normal :)