Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Whole Week

My hubby mentioned to me the other night that it's been quite awhile since my last post. I thought it was funny that he was the one who mentioned it. Could it be that he actually ENJOYS reading my little tidbits of useless chatter? :)

It's been an interesting week. I realized that I have very few pictures to share. As a matter of fact, I have very few pictures in general at the moment. I guess the kids being back to school gives me much less to photograph, other than the dog and cat. And really, how many pictures can one take of the animals before they all start looking the same?

So anyway, what has the Wheelz home been up to lately? A lot in our minds, but not really much of interest to the bloggy world, which is why I've been a stalker lately, rather than a contributor.
We got the puppy spayed last week, which pretty much consumed the second half of the week. Add to that the fact that her little incision seemed to have come open and bled off and on all weekend, and I was pretty much a big ball of stress. Why is it that when we are stressed, we tend to take it out on the ones whom we love most? Namely, the poor hubby and boys who by Sunday night had had enough of hearing mommy panic about the dog. Luckily, by Monday the incision seemed to have dried up for good.

So just about the same time things settled down with the puppy, the van died. AGAIN. It is so frustrating to know that we got swindled with this piece of junk car and we're still stuck with it for as long as it takes us to pay thousands of dollars we still owe for it, even though it has 160K miles on it. It wouldn't have been so bad except that after we were quoted a repair of over $300, we then heard from them three days later that it was going to be even more because after three days, they couldn't even GET to the piece that needed to be replaced. They finally had to cut a tube that controlled the entire engine and jerry rig it back together in order to fix it. GRRRR!

In school news, things seem to be settling down for both boys. Monday this week was rough on Aaron and I left him in the hallway crying as I left the school. I didn't stress it too much though since I recall the same situation with Noah in first grade too. The start of first grade and the start of a new school year is very overwhelming. Luckily, since that day, Aaron has been cry free and seems to be getting the hang of things. His first spelling test is tomorrow. He can spell all of the words just fine, it's just the task of forming all of the letters correctly and fast enough that becomes a challenge for him. That is the precise reason I put him in first grade though. So that he would be practicing his writing skills more than just the two days a week that this school's kindergarten had to offer. From what I understand, there is a tutor that is working with him and several other kids and I am glad he's getting the help he needs BEFORE he really needs it.

As for Noah, the math homework is starting to get challenging for him for the first time in his life. After I worked with him on it last night, I felt as if he really didn't get it and it bothered me the entire time I was at the store teaching. So when I got home last night, I pulled him aside and made up problems for him relating to the homework for at least a half hour. After it ended, he was definitely more relaxed and even said , "Mom, that was kind of fun." I'm not sure if he thought the math was fun, or that he got the one on one time with me that he craves so much. Or maybe he was just relieved that he understood the homework. He was baffled though when I told him that I personally LOVE math and actually think it's fun. Yup, I am THAT kind of nerd.

In job news, I have been filling out tons of job school applications for para pros and other non-certified positions in the public schools. I decided a few months ago that I am ready to get back into teaching, but there seem to be enough hurdles in my way to make it seem not possible at the moment. Even subbing is delayed for various reasons. It is frustrating that now that I am finally ready, willing, and actually desiring to go to work, I can't get a job. I even found a posting online last night for a job that I was essentially offered last year as an accompanist for a local school district. I am beating myself up though because the dummy that I am, I didn't save the email from the director whom I could have emailed directly when I saw the posting last night.
I keep trying to tell myself that I can't tell God which job is right for me. That even though these would all be great jobs for me at this time, I am willing to trust that He has a plan for me. I know there is a plan. But I am struggling with the patience of waiting for His time. I need this in MY time so that we can get our life in order. Faith is definitely a difficult thing sometimes, but I do trust that eventually I will see the purpose in this time.

I am also struggling with in-law Drama. Major Drama. I will not apologize for marrying their son, nor will he apologize for marrying me. If in 14 years, you people have not figured out that we're a team, then I don't think you'll ever get it.

So that's my life this week. Doubtful that anyone has read all the way through this, but at least I have a record of this week. I am looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully we will go apple picking at one of my favorite small orchards by our house that the four of us visit every year. And of course, ArtPrize, which is a huge art competition all of the city of Grand Rapids. I will most likely have a lot of pictures next week of cool art if we get out to see some of it.

There you go Honey. My take on the week. Now off to stalk people again :)


Unknown said...

hi i like the blog very much.

Kila said...

I enjoyed your update.

Your boys are so blessed to have you for their mom. :)

I wish you well on your job search!