Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Sleepless Night: An In-Law Rant

So as I start this post, I am telling myself to not turn it into as complain session. IN that case, I should probably just stop now. But doesn't everyone need a good little in-law rant once in awhile?

Disclaimer: I generally do not swear or lash out, but this subject has been sending me over the edge for a long time now, and it's really come to a head and I've had it.

I am so fricking sick of the crap that they pull. They think they are so high and mighty, when really they're just a bunch of ultra-conservative, spoiled, demeaning, selfish a-holes that don't care about anyone unless they make high 6 figures and conform to the standards that they believe make a person worthwhile.

Here are the words that I wold love to come flying out of my mouth..

"No, we're NOT coming to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving because we think it's more important to try to save our house from foreclosure than to waste money that we don't have on gas and hotel. We WON'T spend the few dollars we have to give our kids a nice Christmas on your over indulged kids who get $3oo cell phones for birthday presents and laptops for Christmas because you can't think of anything else to give them (yes, that was a direct quote from one of the SILs). By the way, I'm sorry you're embarrassed that we are the white trash of the family, but we are still very smart people who are working just as hard as you are, even if we're not succeeding. Get your heads out of your a@*es and get off your fricking high horse. If you have no intention of being civil, than quit pretending that you are! Oh, and by the way, just because my husband doesn't want to spend every family gathering standing around in the garage smoking cigars, that doesn't make him less of an adult. Oh, and if you want to do a 'white elephant' gift exchange, don't trick people into bringing decent presents and then they leave with big piece of crap cookie jar and foot lotion."

That's what I would LOVE to be able to say. But do I really say? "We're trying to work it out." Not adding of course that it will mean another month of no car payment, since we had to spend this month's car payment on a car repair for said car instead. Even saying that we're trying to work it out is met with majorly snotty FB messages between all of the SILs this morning.

My sleepless night was plagued my numerous problems last night, but I really think I could deal with all of this other crap if I didn't feel the disgusting sheer of in-law nose raising just hanging over our heads. I've put up with if 14 years, and I will continue to put up with it, because I don't intend for this marriage to end any time soon but I am just so sick of the fakeness of that "family" and that all of these nasty people think that WE'RE the ones that don't see things clearly.

Okay, now that everyone knows the bad person that I really am, I will go back to trying to be a good person again. I guess I am a fake too.

I guess I didn't succeed in the "no complain post" after all. Maybe tomorrow...


Stacey,momof 2 said...

:) At least your rant is about family that is not your blood-- my rants usually involve my blood(parents) family, and that worries me--
You and yours can choose to change your behaviors and interactions-- but I am likely to respond to my family in a "like fashion..."
I am learning that less family is more sanity... and sanity is GOOD! good luck I feel your pain and annoyance...

bethn said...

Oh sweetie,

I'm so sorry! You are not a bad person, everyone (including you) is intitled to an occasional vent when they have crappy in laws. Do you think less of me because I rejoiced when Mark's folks moved to Florida? Didn't think so.

All you can do is your best, and bite your tongue as much as you can, but don't bite it off. That's when it's time to vent.

Love ya!