Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Water Wrap Up

This weekend held a national holiday and my birthday. It was 3 day weekend for Noah and what ended up to be a 5 day weekend for Aaron (long story). I joined Deb for her garage sale on Thursday and Friday last week. I was hoping to make enough money to help pay the mortgage for May but it wasn't to be. But I did get enough to get the boys a mid-size inflatable pool to jump in to their heart's content.

As a matter of fact, playing in wading pools seemed to be one of the big themes of the weekend.

When I brought the pool home on Thursday, Aaron put me right to work inflating and filling it. I put it in the backyard by the swing set so the boys could jump into it fro the step. Last year, they were jumping from chairs and I figured it was just a matter of time before a chair tipped and a major injury resulted.

It still ended up looking dangerous since it seemed that they got enough power while jumping to slide right through and almost out the other side. So after lots of baling, the boys helped me move the pool a little further out into the backyard. This made me much more comfortable and the boys had fun running and jumping to their heart's content.

Since it was also my birthday this weekend, I had received a ton of birthday coupons by email. Deb and I decided to take all five of our kids out to Noodles with the coupons for dinner and brought them all back to our place for more fun in the pool. Surprisingly, the pool was big enough to entertain five children without having them on top of each other (unless it was on purpose, of course). They had a great time jumping and throwing water for quite awhile.

Saturday morning after Steve got home, we packed the boys up and headed to Illinois for an overnight with my brother's family. The boys absolutely love their cousins and had been begging for a sleepover since we were there over Christmas. My SIL had gotten two wading pools for the kids to play in, and within five minutes of our arrival, Aaron had his suit on and was jumping happily with his cousins. True to personalities, he and his two older cousins got a little over-zealous with the sprayer on one of the pools and snapped its poor head off within ten minutes of playing with it. But they had a blast.

And even the poor injured pool didn't get to rest. The bottom ring was still inflated and on Sunday when my SIL pulled the pools into the front yard, it was the perfect place for the grownups to use to cool off our feet (it was a very hot and sunny day) while the kids yet again had a blast in the other pool.

We also had some other water fun at a small splashpad near my brother's house. Sunday morning started out hot right from the beginning and we knew the kids were going to need to get out of the house for a little while. It was kind of neat how the splashpad was right next to a sand volleyball pit. The kids had fun carrying water back and forth between the water and the sand. They had fun to varying degrees covering themselves (and each other) with sand and then running back to the splashpad to rinse off.

It was definitely a water weekend, as every weekend in summer in Michigan tends to be. We had thought about taking them to the little beach by our house yesterday, but my nerve issue in my back flared up again and I spent most of Memorial Day flat out on the bed. Maybe next Sunday.

I had some nice birthday moments over the weekend as well. My SIL made me a birthday cake, which I think may have been the first one I've had in quite a few years. I received a flower from them which I am going to plant this afternoon. I also got a new chain for a very special necklace that I was given to me from my step mom several years ago, which is a family heirloom. The chain had broken ages ago and I have been so sad to not be wearing it. I am so happy to have it back and it is all shiny and beautiful again since they also had it polished.

This week holds some big change potential, which I'll share when I know more. It also holds Noah's last week of school, which is always an exciting time.

Have a great Tuesday (which really feels like Monday)!


bethn said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Happy belated birthday! I"m glad you got a cake and some love from your brother and Sis in law. You deserve it!

The Bumbles said...

But what did you wish for ? ;0)

Happy birthday - I enjoyed reading through this past week's posts - sorry I have been neglectful.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Sounds like it was a water-filled weekend all around. :)

I'm glad that you had a good birthday!