Thursday, May 27, 2010

Noah's paragraph (punctuation an spelling left as originally written)

Noah came home from school today and said that his teacher has 12 notebooks filled with writing so that's what he wants to do too. Throughout the evening, he was busy writing away in one of the many notebooks I have gotten for him over time. He wanted to share with me what he had written and I couldn't help but share it with the world. I love my deep little guy.

Here it is:

in my mind
In my mind I think I can
do anything. I can climb 100 feet,
Jump 100 miles high, and swing from
ropes over the city. In my mind
I am in the time of the dinosaurs.
I have a pet t-rex. When it
grows up I will be able to train
and ride it. in my mind I
am rideing a horse. My horse
can jump canyons and
climb cliffs. I can see, make, ride,
Do anything in my mind.

He wants to take it to school to show his teacher tomorrow. I hope she praises him for it a much as I did tonight. I would love to encourage this side of him. I wanted to write it down because if it gets lost, I want to always remember it.

Have a restful Memorial Day weekend. I will be celebrating my birthday on Sunday at my brother's house on Sunday and then we will be back for Noah's last week of school.

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