Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aaron's Own Library Card

For March Is Reading Month, Aaron's Young Fives class sent home a calendar of a different activity to do each day of the month to encourage literacy. Now, the kid is already reading books that Noah read last year in first grade, so I think we're pretty good on encouraging literacy, but I thought it would be fun to do the activities anyway. We are probably the only ones in the class that did it (yes, it is just that kind of class), but nevertheless, some of the activities have definitely enriched us.

We discovered a new website called that is awesome for teaching kids to read and the games are very fun. I highly recommend preschool and early readers to go there (with parent's, of course). We also made cookies letting Aaron read the recipe, drew a picture of Dr. Seuss on his birthday and looked at a map of Michigan cities.

But the one that I think Aaron was most excited about was getting his own library card. Noah got his own a couple of years ago and I wanted to wait until Aaron really appreciated it before it was his turn. I do like that besides giving the boys their own card, there are also key tags so I can keep it on my key chain too, for extra security should they get lost. (Now I just need to actually keep track of my keys)

So off we went to the library.
Happily waiting his turn

Signing his name

Deciding which design he wants for his card

Checking out his own books

Proud Boy!


The Bumbles said...

Wow that brings back memories. I was so proud when I first got mine - I wanted a purse to carry it around in. I think letting a child get, care for and use their own library card is such a valuable life lesson. Responsibility, independence, community and reading - all in one!

bethn said...

What a exciting thing for Aaron. He looks so proud. Boy do they grow up fast. Dylan can't get one yet, because he can't sign his name small enough. I'm hoping this summer.