Thursday, February 4, 2010

T13: This Old House

I've got no new interesting photos today. Nothing really exciting to say. Life is trucking along and I've got a million things to do. Tax refund is due to come next week and it's gone already with outstanding bills. Steve's siblings are annoyed at us because we can't afford to give them $100+ for birthday presents for their parents. I have a chair that's half sanded STILL on my kitchen floor and one more still to go. I am trying desperately to try to get back into the Weight Watcher's state of mind but my snacking was SO far out of control that 23 points seems pretty much impossible.

With that in mind, my T13 is things that need to be done around the house...some in the works for the near future and some not even a glimmer in the eye at the moment. They are all on my mind because, SUPPOSEDLY, Steve's brother is going to come over in a couple of weeks to help with the sink project (see #12 below) and I really don't like people seeing our house in THIS bad of shape.

This Old House needs:

13. FINISH chair project

12. Kitchen sink and faucet desperately need to be replaced (hopefully with any leftover tax refund money after all the outstanding bills). There is now a steady stream of water coming out at all times, especially when other water is running somewhere in the house at the same time

11. Carpet remnant from my parents that's been sitting in the basement for months needs to be cut and placed in our bedroom. Requires moving everything out of the bedroom (UGH)

10. Baseboards in our bedroom are only half way painted and the others need to be done while carpeting is being put down

9. Living room carpet needs to be cleaned

8. Chipped paint in the kitchen needs to be touched up

7. Basement needs to be cleaned again

6. Baseboards are still needed in upstairs bedroom

5. Edging on windows upstairs never got placed when the bedroom got replaced (4 years ago)

4. Bathtub/Shower surround has peeled away from the wall, even after Steve tried re-caulking it

3. Paint is peeling very badly in bathroom

2. Still missing one knob from cupboard project long ago. Haven't been able to find one in any of the Menard's stores.

1. Found mouse droppings again the other day.

Obviously, not all of these are going to get taken care of before the Judgement Crew (Steve's siblings) come through, but it would be nice to at least make a decent showing. We are the Clampetts of the family anyway so I'm not quite sure why I am even worrying about it.

Complaining done. Off to go finish chair #3.

Have a good Thursday.

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The Bumbles said...

That's quite a punch list! Although, several of them don't seem too difficult once you get going. So maybe not so bad after all. You are much more ambitious with your DIY projects than I ever would be!