Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm just Not Hip

So, last week Noah had something (I don't remember right now) and was pretending to "text" his friend at school. I kind of blew it off a little, not ready to deal with it. He also asks periodically if he can have a cell phone.

Last night while he was playing with his DS (He gets a half hour each day that he gets no behavior tallies at school), he was once again saying he was texting his friends at school. We had a little discussion that he couldn't text on a DS anyway.

But then the conversation went a little further this morning. Why does a second grader need to be able to text people? Won't he see them in a half hour any away?

But it brings me to a bigger issue. My own lack of full entry into the world as it is today. I may be the only thirty something who doesn't text. We don't even have it activated on our phones so that we're not tempted. Both of our sets of parents, and all of our siblings, text people every day. Yet I am still in the Dark Ages. I see nothing wrong with it, but I just don't want to enter into that world just yet. And I REALLY don't want to enter my boys into it.

While we were at Steve's family's home for Christmas, my two nephews (ages 19 and 15) were playing pool...kind of. After a shot, each boy stopped and texted with someone else during the game. Have the teenagers of today lost the ability to focus on one person at a time?

I think I am mainly thinking about young people at the moment. I completely see the purpose of texting as an adult. Can you pick up some milk on the way home? I think I'll stop by for a visit later? Where are you? etc.

But do our kids REALLY need this? If something is important, couldn't they pick up the phone and call, thereby ensuring human contact?

Please, please, please do not be offended by this post. I am not against anyone who texts and I know at some point I will break down and join in. But I am fighting the entry of my children into this world. Between car accidents cause by teenagers texting, the stories of "sexting" going around, and other issues, can't I just keep my boys sheltered just a little bit longer? But is sheltering them putting them behind in the times?

When we were talking about it this morning, Noah listed almost all of the kids in the class who were talking about texting yesterday. I think there are genuinely times when children DO need cell phones. If they are in situations when they have to contact a parent, then it may be necessary. But there is rarely a time when Noah or Aaron are not in the same vicinity of one of their parents. So doesn't that mean that they really don't need one...yet?

I know there will be a time. And probably sooner than I realize. But for right now, I choose to be the uncool mom who does not see the need for my seven year old to text people. I've told him that if he wants to call someone on my phone, he is free to do that. They are growing up so fast and I am still struggling to find the balance between letting them grow and keeping them innocent.

If you have a comment, just text me. Oh wait, you can't... I'm still in the dark.


bethn said...

I'm with you on that one. I almost never text. I'd rather call or email. Both of my boys make "cell phones" from various things around the house and pretend to call or text friends. And I think not yet! Although I'm with you in wondering at what age our big boys will need their own phones.

Kristie said...

I love this post! I am with you! It drives me nuts when I see people texting when they suppose to spending time with the people they are with. I hope I never get caught up in it. And my husband and I discussed that the kids don't need cell phones until they can drive-in case of an emergency.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I don't think you're off base at all. We don't text either and neither does anyone we know, really. Probably one big reason why we don't. I too can see the value in it for adults but wonder why kids really need to be on a phone at all times. Thankfully the girls haven't ever mentioned texting, although Abby does ask from time to time when she can get a cell phone. I think she just wants one to call people on though. Which isn't happening any time soon either. ;)

Stacey,momof 2 said...

I have recently started texting, but NOT when I am driving and only to a few people--That way I can talk without the kids knowing the topic... My kids also like to pretend that they have a cell phone, but unless I go back to work and I am not around-- They will not be using a cell phone, for a long time. I think face to face communication is BEST!

KC said...

I text all the time.. I think that is mostly because I have a teenager and the people I text are teenagers or have teenagers.. I totally understand your post.. I felt the same way a few years ago and even after I had a cell phone I just didn't see what the big deal of texting was.. why would you text when it was just so much easier to call and talk. Now I get it.. It's fun and it's like you can be with all your friends at all time.. and you can have silent conversations with out bugging those around you.. Is there really a "Need" for texting no not really.. but is it fun.. yes.. and it sure makes keeping up with facebook nice and easy.. when your FB friends post something new or comments to your post you can set facebook to text you what they posted or commented.. and you can take pics and send them though text over to facebook right there the minute somethign fun is happening.. or you can text a facebook update right from your phone to your facebook the minute you think of something to share. So do you need to text NO.. but then again do you need a cell phone at all NO.. I mean people went years and years and years without them but are they handy yes. :-)
Does a 2nd grader need to TEXT or need a Cell phone.. UMMMMMM heavens no.. I really can't see one reason why they would unless they are walking back and forth to school alone or spending time alone without adults or something like that.. My 2nd grader (my 4th grader for that matter) doesn't have cell phones.. but they both do know how to text.. because they think it is fun and think they are so cool when they do LOL.. So from time to time they will use my phone and text there grandma or my oldest.
Remember I told you a few years back i thought just like you.. to show you how far I went over to the darkside... I no longer scream from the kitchen to my teenager in her room to come and eat dinner.. I just reach into my pocket pull out my phone and send a quick text."dinner is done come and eat" LOL... you get the idea LOL.. I think if I had to pick on my phone unlimted calls or unlimited text I think might have to pick text :-)

The Bumbles said...

I don't know any children under the age of 12 who have a cell phone or an ability to text. And I know a lot of them.

I wonder too if today's adults (and teens) are losing the ability to be in the here and now. Texting in the presence of others to me is rude. It is like holding 5 different conversations at the same time. If you are out with me or visiting me, spend time with me - like I am doing with you. Otherwise it makes me feel like you are just trying to squeeze me in or that I am boring you.