Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Derby Experience

So when we signed Noah up for scouts, we didn't really know that the scouting experience had potential to kind of "take over" our lives. I think we will figure out a way to balance it with all the other things in our lives. But it is a great experience for Noah and he is already learning so much.

When we signed up, the pinewood derby was only a few weeks away. We thought we were so far behind but then found out last week that most people hadn't even started their cars. We had panic about how to do it (even though Steve had been a scout when he was little).

With a lot of help from our neighbor (and his dremmel tool), it all worked out.

Daddy spent hours using the neighbor's dremmel to make it into a shape

Noah trying to saw out a seat for his lego guy to drive the car

Sanding the car

Painting the car

Daddy and neighbor sanding down the "axles" (nails for the wheels)

Ready to race

Nerve wrecking weigh-in...will it come in under 5 ounces? Yup...4.94

Checking out the prizes

Car lineup

Let the races begin. First launch of about 30 (2 hours worth of launches)

You win some

You lose some

Lots of pictures of empty track because the new camera doesn't have the same reaction time as the old one

You wait a LONG time while other people are racing

7th out of 13 for his first race. Not too shabby, although he was quite upset that he didn't win a car stand.

The winner only lost one race the entire night. I think we will have to study his car for next year. We will definitely have a better idea of what to expect and do next year. And now Noah has a fun (and colorful) car to play with


bethn said...

LOoks like blast! I'm glad Noah is enjoying it. He looks like he's loving it. And what a great chance to do things as a family. Mark is 100% opposed to scouting in any way, although if either boy wanted to I would make it happen. So far, not really interested so I"m off the hook.

Jen @ One Moms World said...

So much fun! I remember going to my brother's derby races as a little girl. We would have the best times.

KC said...

way to go.. not to shabby at all. Looks like he enjoyed it.. We don't do the boys scouts but in Awana's they do the same pinewood race.. OH how I am not a fan LOL.. the kids love it.. but neither I or my husband can cut a block of wood. the 1st year I didn't understand it waited till a day or two before the race so Princess ended up painting a block of wood with wheels. the next few years my dad had to make the cars with the kids since he had a clue and we didn't.. last year the church had a make your car day.. where they had a few men in the church there to cut your wood into whatever shape you wanted and the sanding blocks there to use and they even had paint to paint your cars.. the only thing we had to do was get the weight right on our own which I still ran to my dad for help with since I once again didn't have a clue LOL..