Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday: How Many Bags?

Just like most of the population around here, we took advantage of a BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon this weekend and got our yard raked up. We always have to do two attempts, since our tree dumps leaves so late, but the first is always the major job.

We got the kids outside by bribing them with permission to jump in them as we were doing the majority of raking. At first there weren't very many leaves, so the boys found other ways to amuse them selves. It resulted in pulling out the now unused stroller, and taking turns racing each other down the sidewalk. After awhile, Aaron grabbed the doll stroller and it turned into "races" until Aaron, as was the case all weekend long, started whining about it. So Noah decided to "drive" his stroller through the sidewalk where we were working, and loved the leaf attacks from Daddy that resulted.

After the pile got bigger, we decided to do the same as last year and make predictions about how many bags of leaves we would fill before the job was done. Everyone made a prediction:
Aaron said
Noah saidDaddy saidand I saidStay tuned at the end for the winner

So seeing the piles , the boys finally got to jump. I was all motivated to try to get an artsy shot of two happy little boys jumping into leaves together.Howeeevrer, in reality, it didn't really come to fruition. I had the camera on the wrong setting, and as I stated earlier, Aaron was not being the most agreeable that day. But it was still cute, albeit a little blurry.

After the fun, we really needed to get down to business. After a run to the store for heavier garbage bags, and a little bit of unpleasant coaxing to the children that they needed to help, we made a lot of progress. Noah helped with raking and both boys got the hang of BIG armfuls of leaves going into the bags.

We did finally get the work done, and I even got started on hanging lights around the windows for Christmas. No, I'm not going to light them yet, but in Michigan, you have to take advantage of warm weather when you get it, or your fingers freeze when you're setting stuff up. I'll work on it more when we get another stretch of warm weather.

Last year, the winner of the bag prediction game was Noah. Guess who the winner was this year?
That's right, me. The leaves are now in the back of Steve's truck and on their way to the city. And we have a string of four houses with very nice looking lawns. Bring on the snow!


bethn said...

Looks like a great day! We've had several of those. Not that I've posted any pictures or anything. 9 bags isn't bad. Our boys have been helping this year. Mark's taken 20 some bags already and has 10 more ready to go. It keeps him busy.

The Bumbles said...

Well if you enjoy raking you should come visit our house. We have a long and narrow backyard lined with hardwood trees - it looks like a fairway. It takes forever to blow/rake them into piles and then drag them all the way to the back where we dump them in the woods. One of these years I'm going to get organized and make compost out of them.