Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Hurts

You know the kids are playing with all their might when they come away from the fun worse for the wear.

Well...not really.

Both kids managed to secure small "ouchies" during the family celebrations last week.

During my family Thanksgiving, the movie Mamma Mia came on the television and craziness erupted as all of the cousins (along with Grandma and later Grandpa) began to dance, spin jump, and otherwise LIVE the music. They were having so much fun and it was just awesome.

Unfortunately, my little Drama Boy stepped up onto a stool, only to fall off a minute later and bump his head. During all of the merriment, this is what Aaron became in the corner. Luckily, a hug and a bath in Grandma's tub remedied the situation quite nicely. Yes, I am am that mom who takes a picture of her crying child. Bad Mom!

Then, two days later it was Noah's turn. Unlike my family, where there are a ton of kids, but almost all are pretty close in age, Steve's family has clumps of kids in each age group, which is always a struggle to find common ground with them.

They did though, through the help of a trampoline. G, my oldest nephew, managed to get the four little ones (my boys and their cousins the exact same age) to lie on their back while he jumped as high as he could to make them fly into the air. It scared me to death but the kids were having a blast so I decided to just keep quiet and take pictures.

While I was taking pictures, I noticed Noah looking strange in this one but didn't think much of it since he just kept on playing.

About 45 minutes later when the kids all came in, I finally saw the damage from his collision with his knee during one of his "flights". He refused to let me put ice on it and I was sure by Monday morning it would be a full fledged black eye. Luckily, it just became a scrape and that's about it.

So my kids came home from holiday gatherings with battle wounds but happy memories of fun times with cousins. I am so glad that they have cousins to grow up with as friends rather than just relatives that they see a couple times a year.

I hvae so much to share about things that have been happening, but I'll save it for another day. Have a great Tuesday or if you're like me, whatever day you get around to reading this :)

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