Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Great Weekend

I decided that I have to bring back the Weekend Top Five this week. It was just such a busy and fun filled weekend. Here were the things that we will remember from the weekend

5. Birthday with my Mom and Grandma
Aaron's birthday is in two weeks, but with my mom visiting my grandma about an hour away, we went to visit her on Saturday. She had brought a little cake for Aaron so they could celebrate with him and also a couple of gifts for both boys.

4. Annual Wyoming Pumpkin Path
Saturday night was the annual Pumpkin Path in the city where we live. Local businesses all line up along the sidewalk in the park and hand out candy for the kids (and coupons for the grownups). Costumes are optional but it gave the boys their first chance to try out the Halloween costumes this year.

We have gone almost every year since it started (the year I was pregnant for Aaron) but this was by far the coldest of all. We had layered the boys' clothes up, but failed to think of gloves and by the time we were almost done, Aaron had started whining that he wanted to go since he was cold. Since we were almost done, we decided to actually FINISH the path for the first year ever and Aaron warmed his hands by keeping them in Daddy's hands while I carried the treat bag.

3. Family Birthday Party
With six adult kids (almost all married) and eleven (soon to be twelve) cousins, birthdays are hard to remember. So a few years ago, my parents started their quarterly birthday parties. We get together every few months and celebrate all of the birthdays within that vicinity. Yesterday was our next chance. We celebrated Aaron (who will be five in tow weeks), Cousin Jamie (also five in a few weeks), Cousin Piper (seven on Saturday) and my brother Matt (the Big 4-0)

I was so honored to have been asked to host the shindig and I worked all week to get the house ready. It made me feel good that everyone was comfortable enough with my little house to have it here. For being a small house, the kids (and I think the adults) all had a great time celebrating, eating and opening presents together.

Aaron got a bean bag chair from Grandma and Grandpa and has played on it non-stop ever since. As a matter of fact, it's two weeks before his birthday and he has gotten quite a few gifts that he loves. He is having a great birthday already and at least one more celebration to go. Lucky Kid!

2. Apple Picking
For quite a few years now, we have managed to put together an extended family trip to the pumpkin patch and it is always a fun time. The place we usually go to is closed on Sunday, so I searched for another one to go to this year. I found one that I thought was the one that Steve and I take the kids to every year and gave everyone the address, which ended up being incorrect. But nevertheless, we had a great time at Steffens Orchard. This was the first time we have ever been able to take the full group apple picking.

After a ride out on a wagon pulled by a tractor, we were able to give each of the boys a little bag to fill with apples. Although there were several varieties, my boys love golden delicious, so that is what we came home with.

The biggest thrill for hubby (and a little for me I must admit) was his phone. I know it sounds strange. But about five minutes after we arrived at the apple orchard, my camera battery died and I was VERY sad. So Steve whipped out his new phone and started taking pictures, which I didn't really put much faith in. But much to my chagrin, Steve loaded them into the computer when we got home and I still can't believe how great the pictures turned out. Now we actually even have pictures of ME during a family outing. Kind of cool.

1. The Green Monster
We are not the kind of peoplee that believe in giving a present to the other kid when it's someone's birthday. This weekend, the green monster showed up in Noah. We have never had this problem before with either of the boys, so it was a surprise to both hubby and myself when it happened. I also think it may be because of the grounding last week (which I will be posting about later this week). I think Noah was feeling left out and acted out on it.

I think the other issue is that Aaron is now old enough to be getting presents that would be great for either boy and Noah is noticing that he likes the things that Aaron is getting.

So after watching his brother get a lot of cool stuff all weekend long, Noah didn't handle it well at all. He commandeered both of the Lego sets that Aaron had gotten ("to make them for Aaron") and then started a major battle at bedtime about the bean bag chair.

Up until now, we pretty much have had the rule of "all toys are every one's to be shared". But this weekend is making me think that maybe that isn't such a fair rule after all. SO we had a very long discussion Sunday night before bed about the changes we are going to make. I think we will do more thinking on this matter and I may have more posts to write about it in the future. For now, Noah is going to have to turn the green monster off while Aaron celebrates his birthday again in a couple of weeks.

The Week Ahead:
Not really much going this week, which is a relief. It's supposed to be cold, which I thought I was ready for, but I guess not. I ate like a mad woman this weekend, so I will be Wii Fitting much longer than the last couple of weeks. As a matter of fact, I need to get off the computer and head downstairs right now. Have a good week.


bethn said...

We finally had to give in and set a rule that all birthday presents / christmas presents are only for the recieving child for 2 weeks unless given permission by that child. It was the only way to stop the fussing and fighting after Dylan's birthday this spring. It really surprised me that Alex was the one who had problems with jealousy first.

He did the same thing, trying to "make" Dylan's bionicles for him. Because he was "just helping". Good luck working that one out. It's hard when the boys are so close in age, isn't it?

The Bumbles said...

I don't envy your challenges - but I admire your efforts. It is so easy to just give in or take the easy way out - but sticking to your guns and setting rules is the right way to go.

And I enjoyed the apple photos - those are all from his phone? Mine takes such horrible shots. We recently did a group apple day too - we had the tractor hay ride all to ourself as a group and it was great fun.

Stacey,momof 2 said...

Even with the green monster, it seems like you all had a lovely weekend... it was great to see you Kristi-- in the pictures for a change also!
We have the jealousy issue once in a while also, but no real soulutions yet

Courtney said...

Busy weekend indeed, but sounds fun

Kila said...

Hooray for pictures of mom!

Your family always has so much fun :)

Tracey said...

What fun! The pumpkin path sounds like a neat event. Living in coastal SC, we don't have the opportunity to go apple picking, but it's an activity I would love to do with our girls!

Melissa Erickson said...

Awww Sounds like a great weekend!