Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aaron's Turning Five!

As I was preparing to write a nice little Happy Birthday post for Aaron, I thought I would do his birth story in T13 style. But then I had a strange feeling it had been done, and sure enough I did it last year. So if you want to read the birth story, click here.

So, instead, I will do my T13 about 13 fun facts about my sweet little boy

1. Aaron took both dancing and gymnastics classes this year. He has been begging ever since to take tap class but we missed the deadline. He also wants to do ballet in the future and be a "ballerino". When he hears music, he HAS to move.

2. Although I've stopped worrying so much about sensory issues with him, Aaron still does have some issues with loud sudden noises. As for the sensory issues in general, his teacher has only seen small glimpses and says she doesn't have any concerns about it at all at this time.

A huge relief after so much time spent worrying about it. Some new little ones have just started creeping up, like only wanting to wear "soft pants" (sweat pants) rather than jeans, but we'll take each one as it comes.

3. Aaron is water obsessed. Most kids either like water or don't like water. Aaron, on the other hand, must be all engulfed in it. This includes diving and flipping into the deep end on the first day of swimming lessons, as well as turning ANY game he's playing into a "splash in the water" game.

We spent most of our summer at pools or lakes, just to appease this need in him.

4. Aaron is a boy. He likes cars and super heroes, but he also has a very sensitive nature in some ways. He likes "girly" things. He loves dolls and and has asked for a princess Barbie for his birthday (he's getting a Snow White Barbie for Christmas). Not a big deal now and we like to nurture this caring side in him as much as we can.

5. Aaron is "artsy" in so many ways. He is always clapping a beat and will play any musical instrument he can get his hands on. He has even started piano lessons, and I am constantly amazed at how quickly he learns and how concentrated he is on getting everything I teach him right immediately.

But he likes to also to be in the spotlight as the leader. He has "conducted" from the time he was a baby, and he keeps a pretty steady little beat.

6. After reading the above, you may think he's a calm, quite little boy. OH NO!!! Much the opposite actually.

When Aaron is not in a structured activity (like school or a lesson of some sort), he is CRAZY. He very rarely can sit still without spinning, bouncing, jumping, etc. It is amazing how he is two completely different little boys depending on which environment he's in.

7. Aaron started soccer this year. We used to think that Aaron was going to excel in sports, and he may still. But although he is excited to be playing, he could either take it or leave it at this time.

But he sure does look cute in the uniform, doesn't he?

8. Aaron LOVED Disney World. While most people say "Oh yeah, Disney was fun" or things like that, Aaron was in love the minute we got there and still begs every day (7 months later) to go back. Everyone told me that four years old wasn't old enough for him to remember, and I'm sure that's true of most kids, including his older brother. But Aaron has an AMAZING memory and I think he really will remember it.

9. Aaron loves to be outside. I know this goes along with so many of the ones above. He has the freedom to run, scream, jump, and swirl. Warm or cold weather, it's almost like a need to be out in the elements.

10. Aaron LOVES school. And it seems to love him back. He has blossomed so much in the two months that school is in session. I never knew so much could change in such a short time. He is not only learning at an amazing rate, but his speech is so clear. His teacher loves him and says that he is so well behaved in class that she can put him anywhere on the rug and knows he will stay focused. Another BIG surprise from what I thought would happen in school.

Right now his only "red flag" is a few strong letter pronunciations and also fine motor skills. But those are the reasons I put him into Young Fives instead of kindergarten anyway, so all is well. He is even reading quite a few "popcorn" or sight words.

11. Aaron is unusually cheerful most of the time. And very goofy. Anyone who meets him, even if only for the first time, can feel his energy and can't help smile. He was that way from the time he was a tiny baby. I could take him anywhere and he would find someone (usually a pretty woman) and continue to make eyes at them until he got her to smile. Then he'd move on to someone else.

He's definitely my little charmer.

12. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't add this one: Aaron has a temper. A BIG ONE! When he gets angry, look out. And don't expect it to ease quickly. It takes him quite awhile to get over it. And we are still working on how best to deal with it.

Luckily since school started, we haven't been seeing it nearly as often.

13. Aaron is my snuggler. Although it is usually on his terms, he will still crawl into my lap on an almost daily basis, put his head in my lap, and ask me to rub his back. I know these snuggle days are going to pass quickly, so I will continue to cherish them as they come.

So, after a very lengthy post, you know all about my youngest. Probably more than you ever wanted or needed to know, but it was kind of fun to just think about some things that most define my little boy.

I'm so blessed that this special little boy is part of our lives. Happy 5th Birthday Aaron!


Toni said...

Congratulations! You just won 4 tickets to Disney Live! Rockin' Road Show at Rosemont for tomorrow night! I need you to contact me as soon as possible with your name and contact information. I need to get it to my Feld Rep. by 10am tomorrow morning (10/23).
cheapo dot mcfrugalpants at gmail dot com
You're going to LOVE the show!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Aaron.

The picture of him in his soccer uniform I looked at and thought, isn't that Noah? They look identical in that picture!

Kila said...

Five is a great age! :) Happy Birthday.