Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aaron's Birth Story in T13 Style

In honor of my youngest's 4th birthday on Saturday, I thought I would do my T13 on Aaron. It really is an interesting story just because he had so many quirks for so long, and it is amazing that after spending his first two years of his life worried about lasting repercussions, he is now a perfect, albeit a little crazy, little boy.

1. Aaron was due on October 23rd, he came on the 25th. I went to the doctor on the morning of the 25th. It was decided to induce me the next morning.

2. This is how the cell phone conversations with Steve went that morning..

9:00 AM "Hi, Honey, Dr. is going to induce tomorrow morning. Tell Fred (his boss) that you won't be in the rest of the week"

11:30 AM "Hi Honey, Noah and I just left the library and I think my water just broke. I'm not sure, so I think we'll go home and have some lunch

12:00 PM "Hi Honey, I think I am going to head to the hospital, so why don't you meet me there when you get off of work. " I walk Noah over to the neighbor's house and drive to the hospital. Freaked out the neighbor but I knew I had a few hours before anything actually started.

12:30PM "Hi Honey, Dr. says I am already dilated to four and things are going fast so why don't you head over as soon as you

1:30 PM "Steve...come now!"

He was born at 7:01 PM

3. We called both sets of parents to let them know things are in the works. Nancy my stepmom says, "I'll call your dad..he's out on the course"

4. Although it was never discussed, Dad and Nancy came in about an hour later while active labor had started. I don't know if I was ever more thankful to see two people in my life. Having Steve on one side of me with his big, bony hand and my dad on the other with his warm fleshy hand was great...especially since I am quite sure I caused them both quite a bit of pain.

5. Nancy did things that I didn't know were nice while you are in labor, such as cold wash cloths for my forehead. According to Steve, she stood in the bathroom "whipping" wet washcloths at him. The image still makes me giggle...I don't really know if that happened or not, I was a little busy at the time. When things started going wrong (see below), she was the one in my ear whispering to me to pray for Aaron, and she was the one holding my hand (and probably in a lot of pain) while I was there for what seemed like forever being stitched up after a lot of rippage and large episiotomy. No epidural...I was too scared of the needle.

6. Aaron was born with the cord so tight around his neck, that he wasn't breathing for several minutes when he was born. His first APGAR was a 2, the second was a 7. It was the scariest few minutes of my entire life. I will never forget the SILENCE in that room for the rest of my life. In the picture you can see how purple he still was five minutes after his birth.

7. Aaron broke his collar bone on his way through the birth canal. The doctors didn't notice it because they were busy trying to get him to breathe. I, on the other side of the room, brought it to their attention.

8. Aaron as VERY stiff as a baby. I spent much time worried that it was a lasting effect from #6.

9. Both of my boys were extremely jaundiced at birth. With Aaron, I never got the bili blanket that I was supposed to. (I had been through that with Noah) I knew that if he kept nursing and pooping, It would work out. After a week and a half of trips to the hospital for blood tests, he was pronounced fine. Here is the only picture we have where you can truly see how yellow he still was three days after he came home, of course being kissed by big brother two year old Noah.

10. Aaron failed almost every hearing test as an infant and young child. Again, I thought it was because of #2.

11. After a string of constant (they never healed) ear infections and strep throat, we got his tonsils and adenoids out an tubes put in at two years old. He never had another infection again.

12. Aaron didn't talk until after his ear and throat surgery. He healed almost instantly from the surgeries. We think it was because he was so shocked at the ability to hear.

13. Aaron has an UNUSUALLY small head. For the first year of his life, we had a string of CT scans, MRI's and head xrays to rule out severe problems. His head was so far below the chart that they had two or three different nurses come measure it at each well child visit to make sure they were doing it right.

Once those few things were taken care of, e ended up with a wonderful, beautiful, goofy, happy little boy who is healthy and adventurous. Have a wonderful Birthday my Special Boy. We love you.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR SON!!!,I did the same thing on my T13's list when my first born turn 7 years old last sept 27. :D

KC said...

What a story.. I can relate to alot of it.. Alot of what you wrote I went though with Mr Man and his birth.. from my water breaking at home to the cord wrapped so tightly around his neck he wasn't breathing.. he was still purple in pictures over an hour after he was born. My Sweet Pea was born with her cord around her neck but it was nothing like Mr Man.. Mr Man took him away in a rush right after he was born and I didn't seen him again for a good 30 to 40 minutes and his score was a 2 also.. Sweet Pea they took her away for a few minutes and she had like a 4 for a score and I had her back in my arms in no time..
I could go on forever about birth stories(I have 4 of them all different after all LOL) but I'll stop..
but then the not talking at all part until he was 2 years old we went though with Little Man(found out it was due to his birth also but that is a whole different story where he and I both almost didn't make it) and he started speech theropy at 2 1/2 years old and has almost been at it for a year now. At 1st it was to just get him talking, now we are working on saying all words and sounds correctly so he has come a long long way this past year.

Before getting PG with Little Man I was PG with our angle baby Alyssa. we lost her just over 3 months along.. but I was due with her a week after your due date with Aaron.. Her Due day was 10/29/04 which also happened to be DH and my 10 year wedding anniversary.. Dont know why I just told you all that LOL.. but when I saw your Due date and the date you had him Alyssa and her due date popped into my head.

Lori said...

Great list. What a blessing..Happy TT:)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Ok, now I knew all of this before, but somehow seeing it all put together like this really makes it all hit home exactly how amazing and special this little boy of yours is. Happy Birthday, Aaron - can't wait to see you on Sunday! :)

Anonymous said...

He's beautiful!!! That's quite a birth story and a little along the lines of my 3rd child. She's 11 now and gorgeous (if I do say so myself).

Great Thirteen and Happy Birthday to Aaron!!

jeannie said...

That was an really good 13.
I love to hear/read about births/kids.
Happy T13....

thanks for stopping by...

Kila said...

Happy 4th Birthday! Four is such a great age :)

Wow, he has sure added some excitement to your life! PTL he is doing well now! I hope you have also mostly recovered!

Michelle said...

Awww, what a sweet TT. My little girl just turned 4 years old on September 13th. Yes, cold wash clothes rock during labor. My husband actually put my wash clothes in the freezer. I just couldn't get enough. Thank God you're little boy is healthy. He sure is cute! Happy Birthday to your little one. Great TT and thanks for stopping by mine.

MomOf3 said...

Oh my goodness, I have goosebumps reading about how Aaron didn't breath right away. Your prayers were answered! Happy happy birthday to your handsome little 4 year old!! (4 year olds are so much fun!!)

Sue said...

Happy, happy 4th birthday to your boy! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

bethn said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! He looks so grownup in that picture. And very much like his big brother.

Tammy W said...

What a story. I see he turned out just fine and quite a hansome lil guy too!

Anonymous said...

It's late but happy birthday to him. How scary those few minutes must have been.