Friday, October 24, 2008

Is There Such Thing as Too Many Birthdays?

Yes, I know...broken record, but a birthday is a big deal. The funny thing is that Aaron's birthday still isn't until tomorrow, and it seems that for some reason, for our household, birthdays don't last one day. They seem to last for at least a week each time around. It had been the same this time.

Aaron's real birthday is Saturday. Due to friends being out of town and the Big Game (Michigan vs. Michigan State) at 3:30, we needed to postpone his party until Sunday. But that doesn't stop us from starting early.

Uncle Matt, Aunt Jenny and cousins were here last weekend and brought Aaron's first present of the event.

Gotta love a card that makes loud music every time you open it.

awesome clothes with fun orange pants

and Hungry Hungry Hippos, which we are playing constantly. FYI...kittens love little white balls that belong in a kids game.

Fast forward to Thursday. Two more birthday celebrations...

A birthday serenade from the class

and passing out yummy Halloween cookies

Then. Just when you think birthday celebrations could stop, at least until the ACTUAL birthday, grandparents show up...

with another card

and a Tonka rescue helicopter

I don't think this kid actually knows when his birthday is. Another package arrived in the mail today from my grandmother and we will take him to Build a Bear on his actual birthday for a present from us. And then of course, Sunday party time (of which I still don't have planned, even though it looks like we'll have nine kids here),

Stay tuned for a heck of a Weekend top Five next week. I imagine I'll be exhausted.

Happy Friday

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Scarlet O'Kara said...

Well Happy Birthday!!!

And sorry about the spider photo story! I still have the creeps from it!

Like the new look.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! :)

I think you can't celebrate enough. This year we only did minimal parties/celebration b/c we are trying to move and all... BUT usually we go all out... family party.... bigger family/friend party, school celebration, special trip to Chuck E Cheese's and out to eat at their choice of restaurant. :) We go all out!! After all you have to wait a WHOLE year to celebrate might as well do it BIG and often!! :) lol

WE love Hungry Hungry Hippo too!!
I'm so glad that Aaron is having a great time celebrating his birthday!!

lots of hugs!!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Birthdays are a lot of fun to stretch out like that. Looks like he's having great 'pre' birthday celebrations! :)

Courtney said...

Birthdays happen for like a week (sometimes longer) around here too. It's such a special time for them and a day that is just theirs.