Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekend Top Five

I already posted about my little accident prone 4 year old. Two head/face injuries in the first 24 hours of summer vacation. Thankfully, we made it through the rest of the weekend injury free.

Here's my top five:

5. The Neighbor's Pool FINALLY
Ever since the kids started wearing shorts, Aaron has been asking, begging, cajoling, NAGGING about going swimming in the neighbor's above ground pool. So Friday afternoon, I went over to check the temperature of the water.

A BALMY 71 degrees.

Aaron begged again so I told Steve to let him dip his feet in.

Not five minutes later, the crazy kid was in and swimming. Following the craziness, Steve and Noah jumped in as well.

After swimming for about twenty minutes the kids were shivering so bad that I brought them home and dumped them into a VERY warm bathtub to warm up.

Of course, they repeated this pattered again on Saturday.

4. Daddy singing at festival
Every year the first weekend of June, Grand Rapids hosts the festival of the arts. The streets of downtown are transformed into several performing stages with performing groups at each one all day and into the late night.

The same group that Steve sang with on my birthday performed at festival for their eighth year in a row. This is a patriotic group whose director sang with the Voices of Liberty group in Epcot at Disney World, and they sing the same arrangements that the group down there still currently sings, all arranged by it's founder. Eight part acapella singing...very cool.

Steve sang a two verse solo on "Oh Susanna"

3. Artwork at Festival
While we were waiting for Steve's group to start, the boys and I headed down to the kids activities area. The first area was a "paint-in" where parents are NOT allowed in while the kids paint. the boys both created works of art. Noah made a rocket ship and Aaron a roller coaster (he's obsessed ever since our trip in March)

2. Wood working
After the "paint-in" the boys visited a new area that they hadn't done before, making works of art with wood and glue.
Aaron was done in about two minutes, but his project turned out pretty neat.

Noah takes his artwork very seriously, and was not willing to leave when we finally coaxed him out. His work of art was very 3 dimensional and Steve LOVED (hear the sarcasm, LOL) carrying it the mile back to the car trying not to let it break

When we got home, I used the glue gun on a couple of spots of Noah's masterpiece and then he and I painted it together. I have no clue where we will display it, but you can bet it will displayed prominently when I find somewhere for it.

Yes he's wearing his swimsuit. See #5 above

1. Ice Cream
What fun day outside would be complete without ice cream cones to finish it off.

This picture (as bad as the smiles are) displays very clearly how tow related boys can be soooo different.

Noah is the neatest eater ever and always has been, no matter what he eats.

Aaron can make a mess with anything, especially a drippy ice cream cone with sprinkles.

As for Sunday, we didn't do much after we got home from church. Steve has a friend from work come over and do some repair work on a large television that we had gotten from my parents and Steve took the kids over to Deb's for awhile while I was teaching.

The Week Ahead:
Noah has been reading like a mad man this weekend, voluntarily finally. So I am planning to take both of them to the Library Monday to sign up for the summer reading club. The prizes are always awesome and the kids love using the stickers on the chart to keep track of their reading. then, Tuesday through Friday the catholic church near our house is doing a VBS that I am sending them both to. Noah's last two baseball games are also this week and I will also be spending the week trailing Aaron VERY CLOSELY to see if we can break this accident streak he's got going.

Can't wait to hear about your week


bethn said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Dylan keeps asking if we'll set up our pool, maybe next week, it's just been too cold and yucky!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Sounds like a good weekend, even with the injuries. I have to say that I watched Aaron extra carefully tonight - I had this vision of him falling off of our swingset or something. Thankfully nothing happened. :)

My weekend's posted:

Courtney said...

Sounds like a good weekend. The pool seems cold.

Tammy said...

We're still trying to fill our pool up, but it's supposed to rain for a couple of days so that should help some.

Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

What a fun post! This summer is going to be good...I just know it :)

I just added you to my reader :)