Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tackle It tuesday: Bedroom (Yes, Again)

As you read this, I am still in Wisconsin with my kids, but I thought I would try the auto post feature on blogger.

I have posted SOOOO many times about bedroom changes on this and my old blog. We have several problems with our bedrooms. One is way too small, the other is the whole length of the house but upstairs away from everybody. And VERY hot.

We have been through many different solutions, knowing that they would not be permanent. This, too, will be a temporary fix, but seems to be going well so far.

I only tackled one of the bedrooms. The big one upstairs will be another day when the temps cool off. The AC doesn't reach up there and the room is at least 100 degrees at any given time during the summer.

As a matter of fact, Aaron slept on the floor of our bedroom all last week because his room was too hot to sleep in.

Enough chit chat...to the tackle!!!!

Last year on Noah's birthday (a year ago on this Saturday), my parents gave the top half of their bunk beds to Noah for his bed. It rests a little off the floor so I was so excited to find drawers that fit perfectly under the bed.

The problem with these drawers was that no matter what I tried, they wouldn't stay in one place and always looked mismatched. I tried sticky on the floor, furniture pads, and even tried glue gunning them.

It never stayed.

The other problem was that the other side of this tiny room had wire bins for Noah's toys. But no matter what I did, instead of putting the toys back into the bins, both kids just threw the stuff on the shelves which was their idea of "cleaning up".

I even labeled plastic bins and gave him a few "junk bins" for overflow.

In addition to these problems, half of each boys clothes were in each bedroom and having them put away their own clothes was a hassle to tell them where to put what.

So here are some of the solutions.

The clothes situation is still in progress since all of the dressers are falling apart and the drawers are too shallow to hold Noah's clothes.

The first thing I did was take all three drawers from under the bed and stack them in the corner.

They are actually pretty sturdy and now all of Noah's clothes will be in one place.

Since this picture, Noah has taken the stand up shelf (used to be a book shelf but the boys lost the shelves) and put it next to his bed for a bed stand.

I took all of Aaron's clothes from the drawers and sorted them into bins and put them upstairs. For now, Aaron will be able to take care of his clothes by sorting them into different bins until I get the dresser situation under control. Target has shelving units made to store these bins and I hope at some point I will have the money to get one.

Then I reconfigured the wire shelves to make fewer of them and had Noah help me sort the toys so he could see exactly where each toy should go.

He has played in his room happily for days now, both because he can find his toys better, and because he actually has a little more room to play.

He even told me, "Mom, next time you organize my room, can you please leave my shelves like this?"

High praise from an almost seven year old.

The most depressing things is that as I write this, the boys have moved to another room to start a new mess all over again. UUUGGGHHHHH!!!! At least I never have a week where I don't have a tackle to take care of :)

See you when I get home on Thursday!!!


Courtney said...

I'm glad they keep the tackles coming for you. I need to figure something out in Callee's room...it is driving me crazy!

Staceymomof2 said...

ah,I wish to be like you.. organized

Tammy said...

Love the idea of the bins under the bed!

Kila said...

Good job! I've often struggled with my boys' bedrooms and organizing, too! Keep coming up with different ideas. We ended up making each boy a bed about 3 feet off the ground, with shelving underneath for all their toys, and I used the same bins you have.

We also have a long bedroom upstairs without heat or A/C, so even though oldest son has all his stuff in there, he doesn't often sleep in there, and instead sleeps in youngest son's bed with him. The joys of an old house ;)