Friday, April 17, 2009

Photo Story Friday: The Wheelz Were Rolling Again!

There was never a more perfect name for this blog than this post. As most of you know, my blog name is a play on our last name. Well last weekend, we had another opportunity for fun on wheels; Roller Skating.

I promised you on Monday in my Weekend Top Five that I would share the story, and here it is.

For my friend Deb's daughter's 8th birthday party, we went to a roller rink. Neither of the boys had been on skates before, so I knew it would be a memorable experience, no matter what happened.

The first thing you will notice is that Steve is NOT on skates. Due to a work related injury several years ago, my hubby has an ankle completely made out of steel, and no one wanted to take the chance of another fall.

But he was a great trooper, and stayed out on the rink pretty much the whole time, with Aaron mostly.

Noah started out pretty nervous at the beginning. He was a bit scared and kept a pretty tight hold on to either the wall or someone's hands.

As he got more comfortable though, he started getting a little more brave and started to venture out on his own.

It was so cute though, because every time he would venture off, if he fell down too far away from the wall, he would always crawl back to the wall to stand back up. I thought it was pretty clever of him.

He did take one nasty spill on the floor in the party room however, with the head thunk being heard from the other side of the room. That spill took some Mommy TLC and begging Daddy to take his skates off. I was worried that he was done for the rest of the time, but after a cupcake and piece of pizza, he was ready for action again.

After we had been there about a half hour or so, he noticed a boy from the 2nd grade (he's in first) was there, skating all over like a maniac, and his resolve to skate better became extremely strong. He even started to try skating with style like the other skaters.

By the time we left, he was making the rounds without us with him and I think he would have kept going if we hadn't needed to go.

Aaron had his own progression of the day.

When we started out, we put regular skates on him, just like Noah was wearing. But he was very unsure of himself and even panicked to the point where he refused to go back out skating again.

Steve took him out and took the skates off, and when he went to return them, the employees suggested those plastic kind that connect to the shoes to make it easier to skate.

This worked out WAYYYYYY better. He was able to pretty much walk on the skates with a little gliding once in awhile and he stayed a pretty happy camper the rest of the time.

Unlike Noah, who kind of go a little freaked each time he fell, Goofy Aaron decided that it was fun to PURPOSELY FALL, which he continued to do for the rest of the afternoon.

And then of course, I need to share with the one picture that cracked me up after I got home and started looking at my pictures.

At first glance, this is a sweet picture of a Daddy helping his son learn to skate.

At second glance, you see the second son flat out on the floor while Daddy is helping the one who is actually UPRIGHT at the time.

At third glance, you realize that the Mommy, who could be helping second son to GET UPRIGHT AGAIN is taking pictures instead.

Great parenting, huh? LOL

If course, it had been at least 20 years since I had been on skates, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it came back to me. I took one HUGE spill while skating with Deb's daughter, Hannah though and on Sunday morning I noticed a small ache while I was putting on my nylons. Steve took one look and said, "What is that?!" I looked down and saw this:

No wonder it hurt to put nylons on. At least it was all in the name of fun.

I hope you enjoyed our little learning adventure. Noah has asked to go again so that is now his next reward when he has a perfect week in school again...I just hope it happens soon, for all of our sakes.

Have a great weekend!


Kila said...

Fun :) My boys love roller skating, but it's been a while since we've gone. Good thing to do on a wintry weekend.

Samantha said...

Wow, that bruise is really something! Haven't rollerskate for awhile now, looking at the pictures definitely prompts me to do that!

Jamie said...

Looks like a fun time...well, except for that bruise. It has been awhile for me, but I love to skate.

bethn said...

LOoks like fun! We haven't tried skating yet. Mostly because mommy is chicken and would spend most of it on her backside.