Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekend Top Five 3/9/09

I just realized that next week there will be NO Weekend Top Five because the ENTIRE weekend will be spent driving to Florida. I'm thinking a reverse to the phrase...The storm before the calm!

This weekend was VERY RAINY the entire weekend. It was a four day weekend for Noah since he had conferences. We really didn't do anything special with his days off. The boys spent the afternoon with my step mom on Thursday while I went to conferences an d on Friday the weather was beautiful and warm so they spent pretty much the entire afternoon outside playing.

5. The Great Van Swap
My parents are being EXTREMELY generous in letting us borrow their van for our trip next week. It was definitely a huge relief to us. So since we were going to their place on Saturday (see below) we decided to go ahead and drive their van home and drive it this week before we left. So we had to get ours ready, which included cleaning out and vacuuming. It is always humbling to see just how gross one's van gets over the winter months when you don't clean it as often. I actually hung a stick-up on one of the doors and also spread carpet cleansing powered on the carpet before I took it to vacuum it. BUT, not all of the carpet cleaner vacuumed up so we ended up dropping off a car with white powder everywhere...real classy!

Then on the way home, my derriere started feeling warm. Sure enough, their van had BUTT WARMERS. Nice and toasty. I may keep using them this week just because I can. You all know me and how cold I am all the time.

4. Family Get Together
Our family tries to get together at my dad's quarterly to celebrate all of that season's birthdays. So we all got together this Saturday. Ever since my dad got his Wii, Noah has been hooked. He and his cousins spent quite a bit of time bowling, boxing, and ATTEMPTING golf. (None of us actually figured that one out)

Noah is in red

3. Facebook By Accident
Ever since I deactivated my FB account back in January, I have periodically gone on Steve's to write quick emails to friends or see what people were up to. I accidentally clicked on the other email that popped up, and the account that I had THOUGHT was deactivated was right there in front of me, and friends saved and past comments posted. I thought it was kind of weird but it must be related to that new policy that FB instated. I figured I might as well keep it up since I missed being in contact with some of the people on it. I know I learned from my mistakes before and will be able to be more responsible this time.

2. Church
For some reason, I have planned my youth chimes to play on the Sunday following DST three years in a row now. So 7:00 came even earlier than usual Sunday morning, and we had practice before church, two church services, and a rehearsal afterward. The boys weathered it pretty well since Steve kept them in the youth room playing games the whole first service and had Sunday school the second service.
Between the two services, while Steve and I were singing in choir, the boys found their own little hideaway under the table to eat their apples and read library books. I just happened to have my camera with me this week, so I snapped a shot.

1. Early Bedtime
I don't know if it's the weather, vacation restlessness, or the time change, but my wonderful little boys have not been so wonderful this last week or so and my patience was at its end by Sunday afternoon. After getting out of the house for an hour to regroup, I came home and stepped right back into unpleasantness.

After awhile, it just seemed hopeless, so blaming it on the time change, the boys went to bed HOURS before bedtime, with Mommy following soon after.

I REALLY hope this whole week leading up to vacation this week gets better, because if not, I just may leave them at home and go by myself.

Sorry for the vent...I really am frustrated if you couldn't tell. Hopefully a good night's sleep will return some good cheer and get me in the right frame of mind to put the finishing touches on packing. I also need to FINALLY get Aaron in for his allergy testing this week.

Has the dreary weather affected any one else's kids in this way?please share with me your weekend...I really need to figure out how to get Mr. Linky set up again (Deb?)

Happy Monday.


AZMom said...

It must be the time change (even though AZ doesn't change time) both of my kids were HORRIBLE today and even hubby was in a crappy mood!

I do hope your trip goes well! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I bet a lot of it has to do with all of the excitement and anticipation for the trip - this week's probably going to be a rough one. But at least the trip will be worth it all. :)

I've got some stuff from Mary for you - and that memory card. Maybe we can get Aaron and Becca together one morning and we can get Mister Linky back up for you too?

My weekend's posted!

Tammy said...

Today was the first day back to school since Spring break here and with the time change everyone never got enough sleep last night and man was it hard getting kids up this morning. :o(

Shana said...

I bet you guys are excited to leave on your trip! :o) It rained a LOT here this week-end.