Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Top Five 3/30/09

So I had some great pictures top go with my Top Five this week. Unfortunately, my camera got left on the shelf at church so it will be picture less this week. Maybe I'll share them with you later this week.

It got REALLY cold Saturday night and into Sunday. The "beautiful" snowfall that gets me excited in November is the SAME snowfall that I want to shout curses at in March. So when the slushy, heavy stuff was coming down Sunday morning, it was a little challenging to be cheerful.

5. Noah's Speed Stacks

Noah had a perfect week at school last week and came home with an award from his teacher. But more importantly for him, he finally earned the speed stacks that I got for him a couple of months ago. I told him he couldn't have them until he had a perfect week, with no tigers out all week. He spent the entire weekend performing the 3-6-3 and the 1-10-1 for us. Once again, I had some AWESOME pictures to go with this point...oh well.

4. Go Fish Concert
If you haven't heard of this group, I strongly recommend them for car tunes. This is a group whose sole mission was to "create music that won't drive parents nuts" and their music is very wonderful harmonically, great melodies, pretty loud and crazy, and spiritually based. Some of our favorite songs are "The Mom Song", "Get Your Jammies on" and "The Bible Book Bop". Noah has been listening to "Snazzy" on his MP3 player even since he got it for Christmas and when he took the player to school for show and tell, the whole class boogied to that and another one the songs "American Kid". If you click on any of the titles, I have included the links to You Tube performances. You HAVE to listen to The Mom Song. It is awesome!

Anyway, Steve heard that they were performing a benefit concert in Holland Friday night so we went out. It was very cool. It was basically a gymnasium, where the concert was set up but there was a big open space where the kids spent two hours pretty much rocking it out. They had a blast and it was fun to give them the opportunity to just go crazy.

3. Children's Museum

Yup, we went again on Saturday. After Noah (yes, Noah) took a nap on Saturday, we went to the museum for just about an hour until it closed. The boys once again had a great time playing on the "Blue Man Group" instruments.

2. Noah's Solo

It was our last Cherub Choir performance of the year on Sunday. I had been rehearsing "The Butterfly Song" with the kids all year since every single kid in choir had a solo in it. This past Wednesday, a couple of kids started chickening out and Noah stepped and did their solos too. It is amazing to me how a little boy with such an amazing vibrato can put up such a fight to actually use that instrument of his. People kept coming up to him afterward telling him what a great job he did, and he got a little embarrassed.

I did however discover that one of my parents put the video of them singing on You Tube. If you want to see 2:12 of cuteness, including Noah singing solo on wiggly worm and crocodile, click here. I put it on my facebook page as well.

1. Noah's Book

I just realized how "Noah heavy" this post is. I will have to make it up to Aaron soon.

Anyway, several weeks ago Noah was supposed to bring home a BIG bag full of writing supplies and create a book. It turned into such a huge hassle and the book never got done. So in Noah's Friday folder,was a "nice" note about the teacher needing the book completed and returned to school on Monday.

So we spent most of the weekend working on it. We actually had some pretty big battles while we were working on it, since he was determined to create it in ways not fulfilling the teacher's requirements.

When it was finally completed, it turned out really cute. I will once again post pictures when I get my camera back.

The week ahead:
Not much happening this week. My big plan is to do some more research into school options for Aaron for next year. I have two school districts that I need to contact about "school of choice"
options and whether they have Young Fives programs or not. No school on Friday for the beginning of Spring Break. Not sure what Spring Break holds yet. Hopefully I will find out soon when little league will start and then we may be able to make an overnight trip possible.

Please let me know if you posted about the weekend and link below. I do have a couple more vacation posts, but in general, I am back to normal.

Have a great week!


KC said...

Sounds like a great weekend.. even with the snow.. our snow didn't get to us till around 6pm lastnight.. So did not want to see snow again.
I look forward to seeing your weekend pictures.
I'll be getting my weekend up sometime today, just haven't had the time to type it up yet.

KC said...

ok my post is up now

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh, so that's where your camera is. :)

Can't wait to see the photos!

Timmy's Girl said...

Go Noah!!!!

Glad to have you back home safely, Kristi.

xoxo, Veronica in CA