Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Review: Minty Refreshment

I have become a slacker blogger. While packing for vacation, I received the new LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE Anticavity Mouthwash to review. I packed it into my suitcase, planning to take it with me and use it during the vacation, and write my review when I got home.

Shame on
me...I got going with all of my vacation posts and neglected to tell you how much I used this product. I used it every night after brushing. I have not normally been a big user of mouthwash, but I was intrigued to try it for several reasons:
1. Noah has been using a "plaque identifying" pre-wash for awhile a
nd I thought I should be getting myself into a similar habit
2. I have been having some major tooth pain and I need to see a dentist soon regarding the problem.

So when I was contacted by Mom Central to review this produce, I was thrilled with t
he opportunity. Her are the major benefits of this new product:

LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE,Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash, now available, is the only fluoride mouthwash that contains six benefits in one:

· Helping to pre
vent cavities
· Restoring enamel
· Strengthening teeth
· Killing bad breath germs

· Freshening breath
· Fighting unsightly plaque above the gum line

I was drawn by the claim to "restoring enamel". If this was indeed true, I could prevent any further damage until I get to the dentist to get my problems taken care.

While using it, you can definitely tell that it is working. It kin
d of stung a little the first couple of times, but I think it is because there was such a mass of germs that needed to be attacked. Each day got little better and I LOVED how clean my mouth felt afterward.

So I definitely think this product is a good purchase, and I plan to continue it's use in the future.
This post was written on behalf of Mom Central

p.s. I will let you know how the dentist thing turns out as soon as I gather the courage to go :)

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