Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Monday: Adventures in Free Parking, Lost Tickets and A Sick Boy

...continued from yesterday.

After we left the character breakfast at the Polynesian, it was time to begin our Magic Kingdom Adventure. We knew we had two days in the Magic Kingdom so we didn't feel too stressed about seeing or doing everything.

We had to drive away from the resort to get to the park. Somehow, we MISSED the entrance the second time around and didn't get a chance to pay for parking (OOPS) We mentioned it to the parking attendant who led us to our spot but he just kept waving us through. Feeling great about saving $12 on parking, we packed up the strollers, slathered on the sunscreen and headed to the terminal to take the monorail to Magic Kingdom. After getting all the way there, I looked into my purse to get everything for the park.
Lo and Behold the tickets are NOT in my purse!
So, leaving the boys with Daddy at the terminal, I waited to catch yet ANOTHER tram back to the car, praying that the tickets are there. Meanwhile, my MIL is calling every two minutes wanting to know why we weren't in the park with them yet.
Luckily, the tickets were laying on the seat and I was on my way back. By the time I got back to the boys, Steve had found out that in order to "cash in" on the birthday rewards in the park, he would have to wait in yet ANOTHER hour long line. The kids handled this delay so well that we were shocked, and Steve decided to forget it, let's head to the park. He did go back later while we were in line for something else, and found out that the gift card could be used any time that week.

Boys looking down at Small World

By the time we finally entered Magic Kingdom, it was around 11:00. My MIL was continuing to call and nag me to find them. We started hiking it to Tomorrowland, and as we were walking down Main Street, a parade came right toward us and pushed us off to the side. I can honestly say that was the first time I literally RAN INTO a parade as I was walking down a street. At the time I couldn't even find my camera since we were in such a hurry at the time to stop my MIL's calls, so I got pictures on my phone, which I have no idea how to transfer (Deb?).
We DID finally meet up with them at Space Ranger Spin and enjoyed a few rides. We then headed to Fantasyland. Pretty much all fastpasses were gone for the day so any rides we were going to do would require long waits. Now is my chance to say: Every time for the rest of my life that I get mad at my children for being restless, I just need to remember how well behaved they were this, and all three days of waiting in the parks. Never once the entire day did my children complain about being hot (It was NINETY ONE degrees that day!), hungry, tired, or waiting in line. They were awesome. Even the in-laws were impressed.

We made it to several things before we left, mostly the kiddie rid
es, but we really did enjoy them all. Our favorite by far for that day was the 3D show Philharmagic.

We took advantage of the lines to take the boys to the bathroom. During the last wait of the day, (Peter Pan), Aaron started arguing about going to the bathroom. I said to him, "Aaron, if you don't go, you're going to have an accident" to which he replied without missing a beat "I already did."
After we stopped for ice cream, Noah pepped up a little, even though I had to throw the shirt in the garbage that night from the chocolate stains

We then went to Steve's parents' condo for spaghetti birthday dinner and it was at that point that Noah was BEGGING to go to bed and wasn't really looking so great. He didn't even fight with me about not getting souvenirs at the park that day, which is the only thing he had talked about for weeks building up to the trip.

By the time we got back to our condo, I borrowed my SIL's thermometer (they were in a condo nearby) and Noah 's temp was 103.5 degrees. Poor kid! He fell right to sleep, burning up. I stayed with him that whole night, giving him Tylenol and Motrin throughout.

You'll have to stay tuned tomorrow to find out if Noah ever started feeling better...


Stacey,momof 2 said...

WOw, what a trip---
it sounds like EVERYthing was blog worthy-- as it should be! :)

What wonderful memories you will have,., and the blog will be around to look at when you start to forget-- ? lol

Shana said...

What a exciting first day. I hope that he got to feeling better.

Courtney said...

Poor Noah! I hope he got over it quickly. I love hearing about your vacations. Keep them coming.