Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: 100th Post of Sorts

I am approaching my 100th post on the new site. When I shared my 100 things about myself with my old blog on my 100th post, I got into hot water with both of our families over a couple of statements that I made. SO this time around, instead of listing 100 things, I will instead pick a shorter meme and share a few things about myself in T13 fashion.

Here are the 13 Cities in which I have lived:

1. Muskegon, Michigan (1973-1978) My first home with both my parents. I remember the layout of the house, but not much else.

2. Whitehall, Michigan (1978-1985) Still my favorite house that I ever lived in. I pretty much remember everything about this house and always dreamed of having a house like it when I grew up.

3. Muskegon, Michigan (again) (Overlapped with above) After my parent's divorce and my dad remarried, many weekends were spent with my dad and step mom at their house in Muskegon.

3. Clarendon Hills, Illinois (1985-1989) My mom got remarried to a stock broker from Chicago and we packed up and moved to the Chicago suburbs.

4. Hinsdale, Illinois (1989-1990) My mom got divorced for the second time and we moved into a tiny apartment across from my high school. This apartment is when I became very acquainted with the roach population in our world and hope to never be as acquainted with them again.

5. Burr Ridge, Illinois (1990-1991) Due to bad circumstances the only place we had left to live was servant's quarters behind the retirement facility where my mom worked.

6. Schoolcraft, Michigan (1991-1993) I moved in with my aunt, uncle, and cousins to attend Western Michigan University. This home is where I learned that I could grow up to be a happy person, thanks to many late night talks with my uncle.

7. Kalamazoo, Michigan (1993-1996) (4) These years saw four different apartments in Kzoo; Two with Deb and two others with roommates whose names I don't remember

8. Portage, Michigan (1996-1997) Steve and I got married the week after we graduated from college and needed to pick up and move three states away for his internship. This apartment was our transition home while we were trying to get ready to move and I was finishing student teaching. This is also the apartment that caused my future MIL to state that I was destined to raise my kids with no morals because we moved in together three months before we were married.

9. Elkhorn, Wisconsin (1997) Our first apartment as a married couple. Tiny but living in married bliss

10. Mukwonago Wisconsin (1997-1998) We moved there to be closer to Milwaukee since Steve was driving into the city everyday for work. It was here that we decided that we were tired of living three states away from family and decided to move back to Michigan before we had kids

11. Grand Rapids, Michigan (1998-2002) (2) The first of our two apartments was in a big house in a VERY scary neighborhood close to downtown. The second was a much nicer apartment complex outside the city that welcomed the pregnancy of our first baby, Noah.

12. Wyoming, Michigan (2002-present) We moved in the month before Noah graced our lives and have been here ever since.

Do you know me better?

I am sure your T13 has more juice than this so let me know if you played so I can come visit.

Happy Thursday!


Courtney said...

This was an interesting twist to the 100 things about me. Good job.

Nina said...

Wow you sure did move around a lot. I would say I do know you a little better from all that. Sounds like you had some rough times when you were a teen but it also sounds like you had a great uncle.

Tammy said...

Wow you've lived in a lot of places! I've only lived in three different cities and they were all about 30 minutes from each other.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've moved a lot! Would you ever move again?

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I think I knew about all of that, but not the specific cities or houses/apartments in all cases. Now I'm sitting here trying to think how many I've lived in. Be back in a minute...

Ok - got it. Eleven - wow. Didn't think it would be that many!

Stacey,momof 2 said...

I have only lived in 4 different cities myself...
This was interesting to read...