Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Generic No-No's

I am cheap. No question about it. I need to save a buck wherever I can. But from experience I have learned that there are places you can and place you absolutely CANNOT go generic. Here are thirteen things that I will NOT go generic.

1. Cat Litter (Fresh Step, all the rest leave too much residue)
2. Macaroni and Cheese (Kraft deluxe)
3. Maxi Pads (Always with wings)
4. Deodorant (courtesy of my husband...he says generic falls apart)
5. Canned Vegetables (generic have yucky hard pieces)
6. Canned fruit (generic is too stringy)
7. Toilet Paper (Scott's 1-ply is the only one that doesn't clog out toilet)
8. Jelly (Smuckers Squeeze is the only low sugar one that has no red dye)
9. Peanut Butter (Jif is the easiest to spread on bread)
10. Yogurt (Yoplait Kids or Dannon Light and Fit are the only ones that have no red dye and are low in sugar)
11. Quaker Granola bars (the generic don't have low sugar versions)
12. Diet Soda (generics just tastes icky)
13. Pull Ups (Aaron has a big bladder at night)

Do you agree. Do you have others that I didn't list that need honorable mentions?

Thanks to Jenn at My Kids Are My World for doing this T13 post last week on new T13 headers.


Timmy's Girl said...

Totally agree on the PB and Mac and Cheese..however, my parents have used the Scott toilet paper for as long as I can remember and once I went to soft and quilted when I moved out, I never went back. My husband even jokes that we need to bring our our TP when we go visit them.

I have to have my boys use Dove body soap due to eczema, so that would be on my list as no generics.

xoxo, Veronica in CA
p.s. I think this was a totally creative and fun Th.13, Kristi!

Courtney said...

Pretty good list. I definitely agree on the pull ups, deodorant and maxi's. I love heinz ketchup so we only buy that.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I think I'm with you on pretty much all of these, although I don't use all the same brands exactly. There are just some things you have to be willing to pay a bit more for - because they just work better. :) Great list!

Jennifer said...

okay so when we first got married I tried to be really good with our money and bought store brand panty liners...the tacky glue stuff stayed on my undies for FOREVER until I just had to throw them away...some things you just can't skimp on!!! I won't settle for anything other than Jiff PB either.