Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Believer in Magic

Have you ever blogged a story just so that you had it for your own memory for the future? This is one of those special stories that I think is so beautiful but it may be only in my mind.

As you know, I have a six year old named Noah. He is in first grade and way too smart for his own good.

He always wants to know how things work and is a very concrete thinker, just like his mommy.

So when the discussion in school centered around the existence of Santa Claus, Noah came home and was very deliberate in his questioning as to the existence of Santa.

Before I had kids, I actually did NOT want to use Santa. But I got overruled by pretty much everyone and Santa has been given credence in our home.

Christmas 2005

So when Noah came to me and said "Mommy, S doesn't believe in Santa and her parents buy her presents, so why should I believe?" I told him that those who don't believe in Santa get presents from their parents and those who do believe in Santa get presents from Santa and their parents.

I figured from then on the only reason he believed in Santa was to get more stuff. Which was fine for now. At least he played along for the sake of his little brother.

Noah 2006

Then came Christmas morning.
(Now is when the actual sweet story starts)

When we put our Christmas decorations up each year, we put them on a timer to come on around 5:00 PM each night and go off around 11:00.

But on Christmas Eve before I went to bed, I thought it would be fun to set the timer to come on around 6:45 AM so the kids knew when it was late enough for them to get up.

Little did I know that my sneaky 6 year old was intending to get up and see Santa for himself.

Around 5:45 AM, Noah came into our bedroom (thinking it was still the middle of the night and that Santa hadn't come yet) and told us that he was going to sleep on the couch and wait for Santa. Steve did the same thing every year when he was a little boy so we gave Noah the go ahead to sleep on the couch.

Aaron 2007

Our living room is very dark and there weren't that many presents this year so Noah didn't see anything under the tree in the dark, assumed Santa hadn't been there yet, and set up a little bed for himself on the couch.

I don't know if he fell back asleep or not, but around 6:45, MAGIC HAPPENED!

Suddenly, all of the Christmas lights magically came on and there were presents under the tree.

Santa had come right before his very eyes!

Christmas 2008

At bedtime Christmas night, when I asked Noah what was his favorite part of Christmas, assuming he would rattle off his favorite gifts, his answer surprised me:

"The best part of Christmas was that I got to see Santa"

He is now a full believer.


Jennifer said...

wow. that is a great story. and i'm so glad he found the magic in Chirstmas and is believing again. :) that is definitely a story you want to remember always.

maybe Noah will pass this on to his little brother and they will both believe a little longer... or a LOT longer would be nice. :)

I love that my children believe and are exctited when it comes to Santa and Christmas, but I'm not sure how long that will last without some sort of "magic" happening... my son is five and my girls are three...I hope they believe for a long time to come.

i know that I still get so excited and i love love love Christmas time, i love everything about it except for the commercialism of it and the MONEY... but aside from that I love the lights, the trees, the music, exciment of children, the planning, anticipation, family gatherings, closeness with loved ones, surprises and all that... i still believe in Santa... or should I say the thought of Santa and it makes it so magical and special every year for me and I hope for my family and friends too and most of all for my children. :)

again, great story!! :)

xoxoxo HUGS!

Becky said...

Awww, that's really cute.

My husband used to try and wait up for Santa, too, but never could make it all the way through the night. In the morning, he'd run over to the plate where they'd put out the cookies, and there would be a bite out of one with crumbs on the plate and the milk all gone. He was always bummed he missed Santa, lol.

Courtney said...

Cute story...Christmas is magical.

www.frogparenting.blogspot.com said...

Great story, and nice photos

I do hope the boys will always have a love of believing!

Tammy said...

That is the sweetest story ever!!!

Jenny said...

What a truly wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing it, it's one I'll remember for a long time!

AZMom said...

Wow! What a GREAT story!!! Oh my gosh, I have tears in my eyes!

Andrea said...

Awww...that is really sweet! We don't do Santa here, but I definitely don't care if other parents do Santa...and yeah, that story really just is the CUTEST!

Kila said...

That is definitely worth blogging/recording for all time :) Love it.

bethn said...

What a sweet story. I worry that Alex is getting close to not believing now that he's a big 7 year old. I'm glad Noah has found the magic in Christmas again.