Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Three Worries For Today

This is one of those posts where a person writes down what they're worrying about in order to try to get it off their mind for a few minutes. I have three that I lost sleep over last night.

1. Bakugan Mania

If you dont know about bakugan, think stickers when we were all little, increase the cost per each one by about $5 and you have bakugan balls. Noah got three of them for Christmas and was instantly popular with some of the second grade boys when he took them to school and let them hang in his locker (they're magnetic). I protested him taking them to school, but the teacher said as long as she didn't see them it was fine so I was trumped.

Anyway, yetserday, when Noah got into the car he said,"Mommy, I gave all of my bakugans to "N" and he said he'll give me a SPECIAL one later."

No way. Is my kid really getting swindled already? I couldn't quite decide which road to take...the one where I talk to him about giving away things that mommy and daddy spend hard earned money on, or the fact that he was probably swindled and too innocent to know any better.

I kind of let it go but I did tell him that he is expected to get them back this morning when he got to school. "N" only had one of them and said he would bring the others tomorrow.

I am not quite sure how to proceed from here and I may just let it go with a discussion of leaving toys at home from now on. His teacher told me when I asked her about it yesterday that the day before he had told her he was going to do it and she had told him that she didn't think his mom (me) would like it and he told her that I said it was okay. Now there's a lie in there too.

I will keep you updated as this drama progresses.

2. Pumpkin

As I have mentioned many times, Pumpkin is a nightmare. But now we have a bigger problem. He spent the entire day yesterday throwing up, and instead of his usual craziness running and jumping on everything and everyone, he just wanted to go hide under things and not move.

When we put him downstairs last night, we weren't even sure if he would come back up this morning, and he didnt for a good ten minutes after we opened the door.

We don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on vet bills for this cat so I don't know where this will take us. Will we be explaining death to a six and four year old, or did he just eat something that needs to pass?

At the moment, he is lying near the register not moving.

Once again, I'll keep you updated.

3. Chester

Last week when Aaron was Star of the Week at preschool, he brought home a little stuffed animal that was the class mascot. We were supposed to bring it everywhere and then write in a notebook about his adventures with us. He got left at church Wednesday night and I got quite the scolding on Thursday when he didn't return.

We brought him home from church on Sunday and then decided that Aaron wouldn't be returning to preschool on Monday. So Monday afternoon after school, I went into school to return the bag. As we were walking in, Aaron proceeded to throw up all over the entry to the school and again in the hallway. I threw the bag with Chester in it on the office counter and then brushed Aaron off to the bathroom to clean him up.

After we returned from the bathroom, the secretary seemed extremely preoccupied so I made sure to mention several times that the bag for the preschool was on the counter but then I hurried out before Aaron had a chance to throw up again.

Yesterday, there was a message from the school secretary wanting to know WHEN I would be returning Chester and also to come pick up his left over artwork.

This morning on the way home from dropping Noah off, I got yet another call wanting to know about Chester. I once again made it clear that I HAD returned the bag on Monday but the secretary is insisting that she didn't hear me saying anything an d the school thinks that I have lost Chester.

So now I have to go in and deal with that too.

I know all of these things are just every day issues, but I am feeling a little stressed from them at the moment and I hope they will all work themselves out.

For now, I am going to go curl my hair and Aaron and I are going to head up to my sister's for a few hours.

Have a good day.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Ugh, what a mess! I've struggled with the whole taking toys to school thing too - and at this point have pretty much banned the girls from doing so. I've let them do it a few times, only under strict instructions to leave whatever it is (usually a Webkinz) in their backpacks, but even that makes me nervous. Abby took her Bella Sara cards to Hannah's cheer one week and gave several of them to her little friend there, who was having a birthday that day - and somehow one of the ones she gave away was one of Hannah's that we don't have another of. Hannah's still upset about that. (sigh)

I hope that Pumpkin is ok! We went through that same worry when Peaches got sick and ended up with both the big vet bill and still having to explain death to the girls. Hopefully he'll be ok on his own.

Wow, if that's how the school treats you, then it's just as well you pulled Aaron. I hope it can all get figured out.

Have fun today! And I'll see you on Friday - car service is cancelled, so we're ok to have you and the kids pick me up. :)

Courtney said...

Yikes! Relax at your sisters, sounds like you need it said...

I say write your worries on a piece of paper and then light it on fire? Ah-- I don't know Just thinking out loud and typing---
I wonder why preschools are not focused on listening, after all thye have just ears to hear --- and one mouth to talk!

Gosh -- I hope that you know I wish good things for you and yours-- this message isn't super positive-sorry!

Melissa said...

Dont worry about Chester anymore. You dropped him off and that should be the end of it!!

Also, I would love to send you some bakugans that I have left over that were never opened. If Noah doesnt get his back from school email me your address and I will ship them out!!

Debbie Yost said...

1. I hate that age where our kids want to give away their things. MA one time bagged up some Veggie Tales movies to give to cousins. I didn't want her to but was torn between letting her give away her things and saying no. I kept hoping she would forget but never did. My sister gave her movie back but my BIL did not. That, of course, was my favorite because it was all the Silly Songs. I still regret letting her do that.

2. I love cats. I really do. I'm a cat person, not a dog person. But, I don't think you are a bad person for not spending 100's of dollars on him for vet bills. I'm praying it's just something he ate. It's a tough situation. However, we had cats die when I was a kid (hit by a car or whatever) and kids are amazingly resilient. They'll be sad, sure, but they'll be fine.

3. Those darn mascots! I hate them! Like we don't have enough to keep track of as a mom we have to take care of those things, too?

Timmy's Girl said...

Totally off the subject...I made top commenter. woohoo!!!!

I can't wait to hear what happens with the stickers, the cat, and most importantly the secretary. This post is going to be on my mind all day!! They would be stressing me out, too!

xoxo, Veronica in CA

bethn said...

Alex had a few of those moments with wanting to give away and a couple of times sell his toys to kids on the bus. After that it was no toys in the backpack, period. I didn't need that worry.

You know I love my kitties, but we don't do big bills for kitties. If they can't recover on their own I'm not spending big bucks on all the "new" treatments for pets.

I'm sure Chester will show up. I hate those bring home and bring back things. Like we don't have enough stuff to deal with on our own without worrying about the classroom stuff.
I'm sure it'll all be good!