Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Top Five 12/22/08

You would think I would have more to say for the weekend before Christmas, but weather and an out of commission vehicle helped to slow us down.

Any weekend is a good weekend though, right?

5. Snow Day

What do you do when school is cancelled and you have no car to leave the house all day?

Waste away in front of the TV?

Brave the elements outside?

Get caught eating the play dough and brush your teeth in the middle of the afternoon?

Or help mom clean the house?

4. Saturday practice

After being home all day on Friday for a snow day, it was good to head to church Saturday morning for dress rehearsal. Knowing we were going to be there for three hours, I let Aaron bring his new soccer ball to play with in fellowship hall and gave Noah a new leapster game that was supposed to go into his stocking. I still can't believe how well behave they were the entire time and the rehearsal certainly made me feel much better about the performance the next day.

3. Anniversary Dinner Out
Although we couldn't really do anything for our anniversary, we were able to take advantage of the babysitting that Deb's church was offering Saturday night and get out for dinner and a little bit of stocking shopping.

2. Sunday Performance
After six months of preparation, we finally had our music performance at church. We hired orchestra members from the Grand Rapids Symphony. Almost all of the orchestra
and most of the choir members made it to the church despite the blizzard conditions and over 300 church cancellations. We stayed open and actually had people in the congregation to listen. My bells did better than I expected and the performance for the most part went quite well. I had tons of coloring pages for my cherubs. Noah did great sitting through the entire service waiting for his choir's turn to sing.

1. Sunday at home
With sub-zero wind chills all day on Sunday, we settled in for snuggles and games. The boys are still excited about all of the Christmas decorations. I got a glass"present" with lights for a gift a couple of years ago from someone in church and Noah has had it in his room. Aaron has been sad that he doesn't have one. I was given another one from the pastor as a present after the church service Sunday and the boys were very excited to pose together now that they both had one.

What a fun week we have ahead. Steve is taking a vacation day on Monday and we are off to the public museum for a family fun day. Then a few days left until the Big Day. I am worried about building it up too much. I always feel so let down when it's over.

Happy Monday and please let me know if you posted your weekend.


bethn said...

Happy Anniversary! I was thinking of you today. I"m glad you had a good weekend. I'll post ours tomorrow morning if I can get my act in gear.

Melissa said...

I always feel a little let down after Christmas is over too. It goes by so fast. Have a good week.

KC said...

Happy Belated Anniversay.. The new job keeps me from blogging and visting blogs like i use to, so I'm sorry I missed ya on your day..
but better late then never right :)

Sounds like a fun weekend.. It is freezing outside isn't it???? tomorrow I'm hoping not to leave the house at all, but Sweet Pea spent the night with my grandma tonight and Mr Man is at my parents(forgot to mention that in my weekend Recap) so I might have to go out and pick them up..

my DH's plant is shut down(it's tied in with the auto industry) from now until Jan 5 of the new year.. So this holiday season just isn't on Christmas day for us.. I'm hoping to make the next two week plus one big holiday.. Don't know how I'm going to do that just yet.. but I think Christmas should be more then one day anyways.. one day of gift giving sure.. but I want the fun and magic to start early and go late.. Though tomorrow is going to have to be set aside for house cleaning because this place is a mess.. I worked alot last week and planned to clean it Friday when the kids were at school but there was no school friday and no house cleaning either.. So tomorrow we clean, DH signs up for unempolyment.. and then we will start the holiday celebrations whatever they may be LOL..
Hope you have a Wonderful week and a very Merry Christmas.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Lovely weather we've been having, huh! :)

I'm sort of getting the after-Christmas letdown a bit early this year. Trying not to let it affect me too much though, especially for the girls' sakes. I will be happy to get this tree down though - the one darn kitten is driving me nuts with it!

My Wonderful Men said...

Happy Anniversary.
We got hit with the winter storm too. So cold your little guys went out side, very brave! I really hate the cold in my old age.

Tammy said...

Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas!

Timmy's Girl said...

Awwwwww....aren't you guys too cute feeding eachother like that. So sweet. So nice to know the 'fire' is still burning after 12 years.

God bless you and your Christmas with the boys!!
xoxo, Veronica in CA