Friday, November 28, 2008

Anyone Got A Good Black Friday Story?

If you stood in like for hours on Black Friday, I suggest you stop reading now.

If you're still with me, you may wish to join me for Black Friday shopping next year. Deb claims that I just had "good karma" this year.

As I have stated many times, this year has looked quite bleak for Christmas. So when Steve couldn't get the day off for Black Friday, I was relieved to tell Deb that I wouldn't be joining her for our annual early morning shopping marathon. I went ahead and got the boys' three presents and after looking at the ads, still decided that there really wasn't any reason to go out early this morning.

Then I looked at the ads again Thanksgiving morning. Several caught my eyes, especially a door buster at ToysRUs. It was for that Eye Clops magnifying eye that is normally $50. It would be the first thing I would have picked for Noah but there was no way he could get it because I just couldn't spend that much on a toy for him this year. It was listed as a door buster for $19.99. I begged Steve all day in Thanksgiving to see if we could get that for Noah. If you know my little science boy, it is PERFECT for him.

They actually opened up the store early and the managers did a GREAT job of keeping a few people at a time entering and it was extremely well organized. I went straight for the two items I wanted and headed to the checkout. I figured since I had to be home at 7 for Steve to leave for work, I might get through the line fairly quickly and still have time to get to Target before my "curfew".

Turns out, I was the VERY FIRST person through the line, and as I was checking out, the Grand Rapids Press and two TV stations lined up to INTERVIEW me. What fun!

So after the interviews I headed out to call Deb to see where we were headed next. As I am talking to Deb, my sister calls to tell me she just saw me on TV. This was just too easy of a morning.

I imagined Target would be worse. The only thing I needed were two leapster games that were on sale for $15, down from $25. Deb needed some too so we go into line at Target, which wasn't due to open until 6:00, which wrapped all the way aroundf the side of the building. Once again, huge long line that was controlled BEAUTIFULLY by the employees and we walked in orderly and slowly, but still went straight to what we needed and guess how long we were in line at Target?

Oh, about a minute and a half.

Let's head to Meijer's.

After parking two parking spaces from the door, we wander the aisles a few minutes, leave having spent $1.31 on two little stockings for the cats. After dropping Deb off at her car, I pulled into my driveway at 7 :03, plenty of time for Steve to get to work and the boys just waking up ready for breakfast.

I know I will be headed back out later for one more thing at Walmart. But for now, shopping is behind me and we're off to a fun day of head staple removal and a morning seeing the cousins.

I had a chance to actually watch the interviews later that night. I came off looking a little like a pauper, which bothers me a bit, but I guess that's what I get for being interviewed on only three hours sleep.

Have a great Friday (thanksgiving story to come's a whopper)


Timmy's Girl said...

OK, I am going to pinch you now, because this sounds more like a dream...

God was truly shining down on you today!!! I missed BF shopping today so my husband could take the older kids. I gave him a list... I am so curious to see what he makes of the list and find out what he actually got.

BTW, I have NEVER heard of any such story like yours on BF. I may have to get on a plane and meet up with you next year!

Veronica in CA

Mimi's Toes said...

You had the heavens smiling down on you girl. How awesome to have such favor! I am so glad your little Noah will get that eyeball toy. And to be on the news!! It was meant for you to get up early and get out. That is one of the best black Friday stories I've heard so far!