Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Bedroom Makeover

Yes, it's been awhile. Yes, we're still least in body. Spirit is another story...

Through the years, I have often tried to battle some of my despondency with a change in scenery in our home. Sometimes it results in my need to paint something. It often includes rearranging at least one bedroom.  In the past month BOTH have taken place.

The first was thanks to my good friend Chris at Dad of Divas. I was asked quite a while ago if I would be willing to try out some bedding from Sweet Jojo Designs and write a review.

Aaron has a long history with blankets. And bedroom switches. And beds. He is currently in a loft type bed about two feet from the floor, which was actually the top bunk of a bed from my parents. It works our well for him since he has so many blankets and stuffed animal "buddies" that stay on his bed at all times. As a matter of fact, his bed is always overcrowded with various animals, blankets and clothes. And his bedding was still a spiderman blanket from when he was four. It also had holes in all four corners from his chewing on the sheets and blankets at bedtime. So when the offer came to bring his bedroom and bedding up to his age, we were both pretty excited.

We went on the website and picked out a fun set with brown and blue circles that would go well with his blue walls. He was very excited about it and we cheered when it was delivered.

I'm not sure who was more excited, Aaron or me.
The set contained a comforter, pillow sham, dust ruffle, and matching window valance.  The very first thing we noticed was how incredibly soft the comforter was. I have to admit I wanted to keep it for myself :) Same was true of the pillow sham. The fabric feels so soft and almost silky and most definitely luxurious. I also like that the pillow sham zips closed so Aaron's pillow can't slide out.

We did have a few challenges making the dust ruffle work for Aaron's type of bed, however with a little creativity it worked and I truly love the color scheme. At the time of the photo we had not yet hung the window valance but it definitely looks like a pre-teens bedroom now, rather than a little boy's room. And even better, Aaron is so comfy snuggled in that not a single corner has been "eaten".

The company does have a few more accompanying pieces to the set, including some sheets, pillows, and wall hangings that would be excellent complements to this set and they are reasonable in price in my opinion. I love the material and the designs offered by this company and I am not surprised that Noah is now also asking for a set from this company. Maybe for Christmas...

A huge thank you to Chris at Dad of Divas and Sweet Jojo Designs for the opportunity to experience the luxury of a wonderful new bedroom set and helping Aaron to make the transition from a little boy into a young man.

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