Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Top Five 1/27/13

Well, it was definitely an interesting weekend. After a very interesting week. The week was insane since the boys ended up with two snow days, which would normally have been wonderful if I hadn't had to bring them to school with me since our school DID NOT get a snow day. Which also would not have been so bad if the boys had not walked out into the hall right when my principal was walking by and questioned why kids she didn't know were in her school. It was a BAD situation.

That on top of some pretty unruly, mouthy, irresponsible boys has now resulted in a complete ban on screen time (TV and video games) until further notice in the Wheelz Home, which also contributed to a very interesting weekend.

5.Celebration Dinner
Friday was my first paycheck from my new job. Even though it is pretty much gone because of the difficult month we've had in transition, we did decide we needed to splurge and took the boys out for a celebration dinner at IHOP, their favorite restaurant. It was very yummy and the boys loved their happy face pancakes.

4. Basketball Week 4
This was an interesting week for basketball. Aaron's game was first for the first time and Noah spent the time "critiquing" which was funny since he isn't really a whole lot better per say. HOWEVER, having watched his brother first must have lit a fire in him and the kid was amazing during his game three hours later. He was not only focused, but fast, energetic and a mad man playing defense against some pretty fast guys. He didn't get any baskets but it totally didn't matter since he played such amazing defense. The game actually was the most fun game I've ever watched as the teams at this age are really starting to play the game rather than having to be TAUGHT how to play. Even the coaches and other refs who had been there all day were commenting on how fun that game had been. It really makes me look forward to next week's games. Aaron will get there too, it just takes awhile. It is still his first year.

3.Griffins Game
Steve got free tickets to another Grand Rapids Griffins game Saturday night. This is definitely a fun perk from his company. The boys were excited because it was "Griffin Gnome" night and everyone got a free Griffin gnome to take home. Noah was hilarious as he took his out of the box immediately and kept it out to dance with during the entire game. Although I have never been a big hockey fan, I have to say that these games really are a lot of fun and I find myself hoping that Steve gets a few more free games before the season is over. We got home after 10:00 and I have never seen the boys beg to go to bed as much as I did that night.

Oh, and yes, Noah is back to wearing a constant Sock Monkey Hat on his head again :)

2. Sledding Snowboarding
We bundled up Sunday afternoon for a fun adventure at a new sledding hill. Unfortunately, as a result of how tired we all were from the night before, the adventure was extremely short lived but Noah did make it down a more steep hill on his snowboard than ever before and even Aaron made it down on the snowboard about half way before wiping out. I really hope there will be a better snow outing before the snow goes away.

1. No Screen Time
It makes one realize how easy it is to simply say, "okay yeah, let's turn something on" when you make the rule of no screen time in the house. I have set parameters of how they need to act before we let them have it again and I wonder if they will ever be reached. We did play a few more games than usual, that's for sure. I hope when we come out on the other side of this experiment, whenever that may be, then we won't have to do it again.

The Week Ahead:
Who knows? That's kind of how I feel about my whole life right now. Who knows?

I know that if the kids get a snow day then I'd better get one too since I don't want to have to deal with that again. Also, Aaron is getting sick so I can only pray that that doesn't get worse this week since I have to work every day. What's ahead this week? Who knows?

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Kila said...

I enjoyed catching up on your blog and your family. I've missed you. Enjoy your boys!