Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break ReCap

Spring Break was uneventful for the most part since I had to work a few hours on three different days, which meant the boys had to sit in the little office while I taught. Funny enough, the boys actually don't mind going to work with me. Noah loves watching the babies when they smile at him and Aaron just likes to play on the big cushion we have for jumping into.

A sad disappointment came at the beginning of the week when we found out that Aaron did not get a part in the community musical that he auditioned for. His dance ability hurt him so we will definitely work on that with him before he tries again. He was disappointed but we handled it well so I think he will be fine. I am hoping to find a small and inexpensive way for him to work on this this summer. All of the camps I found are over $100 so that's not going to work. It's so frustrating that only wealthy people or people who know how to secure free stuff can send their kids to camp when normal, really hard working parents should be able to give their kids those opportunities as well...

One nice thing about the week was that we gave the boys their Easter present a week early so they would have an outlet outside. Since we couldn't take a trip anywhere we decided to use the small check we got from Steve 's old job with his PTO to get the boys a trampoline. Anyone who knows Aaron KNOWS that this is just what that crazy kid needs and we were right. He spent the entire week on and off vacillating between the trampoline, basketball hoop, and his bike. I definitely think that this summer will be easier for him when I say "Go outside" because he has something to do.

On Monday I took the kids roller skating. Noah is a great skater and Aaron did quite well with it when I took them over Christmas Break so I thought we would have a blast. Unfortunately, only 2/3 of us had a good time and Aaron just never really got it this time. Poor kid did not have fun and I think we will save the next skating outing for just Noah and his momma.

Tuesday took us to a new play place in our area. We have quite a few of them but new one exceeds all others in size, activities, parent comfort, and safety, and overall value. It was awesome and I know we will be going there again. We have spent so much time at all of the other types of play places but now after being at this one, we probably will not go to any of the others anymore. It was just THAT good.  I even had a chance to talk with the owner of this new place for awhile about how our businesses actually complement each other quite well.

On Wednesday I wanted to try out another new-ish venue we have in our area. It is a health center kind of like a YMCA and I thought the kids would love it. I even put out a question on facebook to see if it would be worth the money since it was a bit pricey for the time we would have to enjoy it.  The pool was kind of fun but both kids were done after about an hour. They did both love the climbing wall and Noah made it to the top a bunch of times. But for $17, we will drive to the Holland Aquatic Center next time and get our money's worth much better.

Thursday was our day to kind of relax at home. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were all happy to be home relaxing (after my hour at work). It turned into a "work party" of sorts though...a happy one. As I was pulling into the driveway, I was met by my neighbor who is in the process of redoing her yard and asked if I would want the stones in her front. I was so excited since we have been in our house for ten years and our front has never been landscaped other than putting in and taking out various shrubbery until I figured out what would work. So for the next three hours, my neighbors and and I dug up, moved, and re-laid stones in my front yard. Noah even did a great job helping for a little while filling buckets from her yard and dumping them into ours. The boys' favorite part however was watching as my neighbors then proceeded to use their truck to pull ALL of her bushes out of her yard one by one. They cheered loudly as each one surfaced. It was quite the event! Yes, we have no life :)

Friday dawned early as our old neighbors were in town for a visit and we set out to walk a nature trail with them. The boys found some trees to climb and got some visit time but things toook a own hill turn when it seemed that Noah wasn't feeling well and by the end of the day  was sporting a fever of 102 that lasted through Saturday night.

Saturday was a calm day while Steve took Aaron out and about and I stayed home with Noah as he was sick on the couch. Hubby finally fixed my bike (that was broken the entire summer last year) so Aaron and I could go on a nice long bike ride. We followed the ride by a cook out and our first meal on the picnic table that I had bought from our neighbors last year. I think that table is going to get a lot of use this year.

Easter Sunday was somewhat uneventful was well but a pretty nice day. Noah was feeling better (other than his voice, which still sounds awful) and we had a great church service. It was followed by a quick egg hunt outside and then a trip to the park to try out the new kites. A very windy day brought us home early and we spent the rest of the day just hanging out and being together.

  And here we are back to real life again. I liked that we tried out some new places over break even though they met with varying degrees of enthusiasm. No matter what, our city has so much to do for families, which makes having a "staycation" a very fun possibility.

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