Monday, August 29, 2011

Tuesday Tackle: Aaron's Room

So I did a "venting" post nearly a month ago and then not another word. So I can be fairly sure that no one is reading this anymore but I needed to document the next in my ongoing series of room re-dos.

Aaron has been in his current bedroom for about a year and a half. Before that, it was our bedroom and I had painted it mint green with a "flower" border just so that I had one room in our house that wasn't ALL boy. Aaron has been in that room without complaint. He has a spiderman comforter and blue curtains on his windows, however it still didn't speak BOY with mint green walls.

So as happens EVERY summer end/fall, I got in the mood to paint about a week ago. Aaron's room and the living room are on tap. Because we have been in limbo for a year now over whether we were going to lose the house, I haven't spent much time making any kind of improvements in the house. Happy to say, about twenty four hours after this posts, we will be OFFICIALLY out of foreclosure and our house will be our own again. Yay!!! So it seemed a perfect time to make up for lost time and masculinize AA's room.

I can't believe the difference a coat of paint makes. All of a sudden the green room with various colored toys and accessories now seems to all match and definitely looks like a boy's room. Aaron is so happy with the change too.

Noah is asking for a room improvement now as well but he's not on tap for a paint job. I've got some other ideas in store for him, maybe some time after school starts. And the living room desperately needs a new paint job ever since we pulled up the carpet.

Now if I could just convince my boss to give a day off once in awhile this fall so I can work on my house and we'll be all set.

Six days until school starts so we're off to go bowling.

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The Bumbles said...

You are right - what a huge change just from some paint!

I'm glad you have returned to posting - don't ever run from that. Venting is good for the soul.

And great news on your house - such a relief!