Thursday, March 31, 2011

Behold.....The Sea....Itself

Last weekend was the final performance for the symphony chorus for this season. We performed Vaughn Williams' Sea Symphony. It was a huge exhausting but remarkable and moving piece of music. Rehearsals were quite shaky all week and we wondered how the performances would go.

Surprisingly, it all came together. It is always interesting to see the review that we get the next day in the paper after a Friday night performance. The reviewer is usually quite harsh and so I wasn't expecting miracles.

The article was a fun surprise in TWO ways. was a different reviewer and we actually got 3 and a half out four stars. The second fun surprise was the picture that was printed. Take a good look at the chorus along the top. Find the one female singer smack dab in the middle with obnoxiously open mouth:)

That would Yours Truly.

I just wish I knew what part of the piece we were singing at the time. At first I was quite embarrassed but then after I looked at the picture a little more I decided that I could be proud at how involved, energetic and enthusiastic I was.

I even went and bought a copy to send to my Grandma.

I can't wait until next season.

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