Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday

Yup, I'm beginning to think that the Wheelz Home will never be healthy again. Noah got a touch of the stomach bug yesterday afternoon and into the night so I have to once again keep him home today. And of course, he's fine. It is even more frustrating than usual since I got four calls for subbing today and could have started working this morning if he wasn't home. And I really really really need to be working immediately. I have some theories as to why we're having a sicker year than usual, but that's just what they are...theories.

Saturday was a crazy day. We had miscommunication all over the place regarding both the solo and ensemble kids I had to play for as well as the scout program that Noah needed to attend. In the end though it all worked out and everyone got to where they needed to be.

While Noah was inside feeling yucky on Sunday, Aaron and Steve spent quit a bit of time outside playing in the snow before it gets really cold the rest of this week. Steve got an idea, researched it online and went to work in the back yard. More than an hour after Aaron came in to warm up, Steve was still outside building. Here is a picture of his work in progress. He is determined to create a full igloo to play in in the back yard. He's can be such a fun daddy sometimes!

The week ahead could be interesting. I will most likely see my first day in a classroom on Wednesday (I'm the lunch mom at the boys' school on Tuesdays) which is freaking me out but I have to just do it. Other than that, I am awaiting for a prayer to be answered. I have often been told that sometimes God is just waiting for specifics when we pray. I have delivered very specific specifics and really need it to be answered now. So this week I am waiting, hoping, and praying. I am hoping that it will finally be our time.

Have a good week. Congrats to all you Packers fans out there. While I was rooting against your team, it was a good game and the pug dog commercial was my favorite :)

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