Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gotta Love Michigan Winter

Nope, no big heavy post this time.

Sunday night. Noah is heading back to school tomorrow morning after five days off due to strep. He was kind enough to share his affliction with me, but thanks to modern medicine, we are both on the mend and tomorrow should be back to normal.

We got all of his homework from three days off school done this weekend. We also finished his God and Me program work and he is ready for the ceremony on Saturday (which we still don't know what time it is or if it will conflict with solo and ensemble that I'm playing for on Saturday as well.

We took the boys ice skating Saturday. It was Aaron's first time skating and after a little bit, he was able to inch his way around without help. By the time one of the little helping stands became available, he didn't even need it anymore. Although timid, he got back up each time he fell, even after a couple of hard falls on the head :( Noah was skating like a pro after a couple of minutes, even though it was only his second time on ice skates.

Steve had been gone on another singing gig on Saturday morning and on his way home spotted an amazing two tiered sledding hill. So Sunday after church and lunch, we bundled up once again to try out the new hill. I gotta say it was the best sledding hill we've gone to as a family. Once again, I left the camera at home, but I wished I had because the smiles on my two little boys' faces were indeed priceless. There were bumps in the hills and after a couple trips down, I had to stop when I was feeling pangs in my back but it was more fun watching all the wipe outs from the bottom anyway. A very fun afternoon.

So this weekend was definitely one of those weekends that make you glad to live in a cold weather climate during half of the year. Especially when forecasters are predicting a major snow storm for this coming Wednesday so it is very likely that we will finally get our first snow day of the year this week.

It's times like this that make Winter in Michigan the best season of all!

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