Sunday, July 25, 2010

Living in the Light

Jesus spoke to the Pharisees again. He said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will have a life filled with light and will never live in the dark." John 8:12

Last week as I was speaking with a young lady from our old church whom I had become a sort of mentor to, I realized that it is coming up on a year (in November) since our tumultuous departure from our old church. The search for a new church home has gone strong throughout the entire year of 2010 and we believe we have found it. I like that every week we leave with something concrete that I can think about and that keeps me focused throughout the week.

I also like how happy the boys are to go. Unlike before, when it was begging to stay home, they actually BOTH protested when Steve and I decided to stay home last week and get a little extra sleep. I have to admit, I felt less grounded all week as a result and I was really looking forward to going back this morning.

This month's "series" is about living in the light. Today's message really hit home to me, as they all seem to. As we picked up the boys from their Sunday church, I asked them about what they learned They both said they're learning about living in the light too, but couldn't really explain what it meant. I knew that we were going to need to talk about it some more.

Each week, the boys also come home with a little paper about what they talked about that week, and discussion questions about it for at home. I got the paper out and at dinner tonight Steve and I shared with the boys what we learned about in the adult service. I'm not really sure they were 100 percent listening, but then, after I had thrown my plate away (pizza night) and had sat down to check my email I heard something come from the table behind me.

Out of the blue, Aaron had recited a not-so-short bible verse that they had learned. The entire thing. By memory. Just because. And he was SO proud.

So of course, I HAD to video tape it. The video is a little less confident than he did the first time, probably because I was watching. But I was still happy. And I am once again so very thankful that we made that difficult and painful decision last November to leave a place that was not meeting our spiritual NEEDS (and they really are needs right now) and found a place that will bring us back INTO THE LIGHT that we have been seeking for so long.

After putting this week's message on our board in the kitchen, I think we are ready to start our week.

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