Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Noah's Award Ceremony

I know, pretty Noah heavy lately. But with Aaron's final field trip tomorrow and his "graduation" on Thursday, as well as the last day of school pictures, his time is quickly coming :)

Noah's last day of school is traditionally awards assembly at his school for achievements. The assembly is quite long and drawn out, as each teacher gives out awards to every students and the specials teachers deliver their awards as well.

When it came time for Noah class to go up, it is always a question as to what kind of award each child is going to get. Last year Noah got the "Science Lover' award. His classroom theme this year was camping, complete with a big tent in their room. His award was the "Scout Spirit" award for joy and enthusiasm in learning. I know she partly skewed it since he talked often about his scouting experiences, which I thought it was nice of her to incorporate.

Throughout the next hour, Noah sat restless (along with the rest of the class) while the rest of the grades received their awards. When it was almost over, Noah actually came over to me and complained that he only got one award.


The gym teacher was the last to go. I was pretty sure that Noah would finally get another award. Sure enough, Mrs. M stood up and announced the national fitness award winners. For the second year in a row (which he told everyone and anyone who was within ear shot), Noah received a patch for this award. There were three kids in his class who received it this year. So at that point, I thought we were done with his awards. But Mrs. M seemed to plant herself right in front of Noah, and as she announced "Best in class" for different events in the testing, Noah W was announced over and over again. He was so excited as she kept handing them to him, for most push ups, longest flex arm hang, and fastest for both quarter mile and shuttle run.

As he sat down, it was very difficult to wipe the smile off this boys face. As we are discovering, team sports just aren't going to be his thing. But if he is THIS talented in the personal physical fitness arena, I guess we are going to have to find the funds to enroll him in activities in which he can excel as an individual. Unfortunately, they all cost money. It is so frustrating to know that your child could excel and not have the means to provide him with the opportunity. But that's another story for another day.

So, at the end of the last day of school for second grade, Noah came away feeling pretty good about himself, and actually a little sad that school was out for the summer.

He really had a wonderful loving teacher this year.Who knows what next year will hold?


Stacey,momof 2 said...

marvelous! his smile is SO HUGE! I
I'm Proud of your son! :)

Melissa said...

Awards are awesome arent they?? Congrats to Noah!!

bethn said...

Way to go NOah!

The Bumbles said...

Hmm - sounds like he's a runner to me. Cross Country or Track doesn't cost too much does it? Other than the sneakers and a uniform I don't remember there being any equipment. But I guess everything these days has expensive enrollment costs. Sign him up for a couple of road races or charity fun runs and see if he likes it - or if there is a kids running club at the Y or something.