Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Big Mistake?

This puppy is turning out to be very frustrating.

I thought we were on a roll when she spent the entire day on Tuesday using the training pad in the living room every time she needed to relieve herself.

But I was WRONG! Ever since then, she has decided to take care of her business whenever and wherever she feels like it. And it has never once been on the pad that she so perfectly used the day before.

I am getting really frustrated. Is it impossible once to train her once she has had a back slide? At what age have I missed the window of potty training.

Please help. I don't know what to do. If you've been through the puppy training process, please send me your advice. I am at my wit's end. Big Time!

As a matter of fact, this whole day has started out pretty horrible. And it's only 9:50 AM. I woke up in a rotten mood and I'm trying so hard to break it, but it doesn't seem to want to break. I just took it out on the kids and things are bad. Really Bad!

The check I wrote for the puppy bounced leaving us overdrawn. Stupid Dog! Or should I say Stupid Kristi for thinking that I could handle a puppy?

I've had it!!!!!


Melissa said...

Kristi- our puppy is now 6 months old. I would say he really "got it" for potty training around 4 1/2 months. Its worse than a baby. I totally feel your pain. I still have to be on top of him all day long to make sure we dont have accidents.
Use the crate during the day not just at night for sleeping. If the puppy does not go potty when you are outside- come back in and put her in the crate. When you take her out- go straight outside. And make sure to have treats! Treats are only for going potty.
Put her in the crate when you guys are eating. That way she wont learn to beg.
I bought baby gates for my kids rooms once the puppy entered his chewing stage and the kids wouldnt keep their doors closed.
Some days I want to get rid of him cause its still so much work- BUT- seeing Gavin with him makes it worth it. I am looking forward to a couple of years from now when all this work is over LOL.
Good luck and hang in there. Feel free to call me if you have any questions- I need someone to comiserate with! lol 727-409-5155

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh, Kristi - I'm sorry! I haven't trained a puppy since I was in high school, but remember needing a lot of patience - and a lot of time. It took Mary a long time to get Kira trained too, basically months. I think it's like potty training with kids - there's one step forward and two steps back... She'll get it eventually. :)

Do you still want to get together tomorrow afternoon? If not, that's ok too. I hope your day has gotten better! Hugs...

The Bumbles said...

Oh dear - I don't know anything about dogs. That's why I've always had kitties. But I do know they are a lot of work - almost like having a small child! But they grow to be so wonderful once they get past the first year from what I have experienced with friends and family members' dogs. You should ask Janet from Thursday 13 - - she's got 2 dogs and I bet she could help you out. Silly Lilly is too cute to give up on yet!

Jen@BigBinder said...

One of my friends, who has three kids, and is one of the calmest moms I know completely lost it when they first got their dog. She got it under control, and I'm sure you will too, I think it's just harder than it seems like it should be.