Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Week Ahead Is A Doozy

It's concert week for the symphony. We're performing an awesome piece of music that I love. And yet I am a little sad. Concert week means practices every night (except one where I had to put all of the lessons that I had to cancel due to rehearsals) until 10:00. It means I don't get to kiss my boys good night for a week. It means I don't get to lie in bed with them before lights out and hear about how their day went. I'll have to settle for going in after I get home and whispering "I Love You" to their sleeping little heads.

It's also Mother's Day week. We got an email from Steve's SIL last week saying they wanted to have a big Mother's Day to-do on Saturday. When I responded that I had symphony concert and Steve works on Saturdays and we couldn't come, they then started insisting on picking up the boys Friday, keeping them all weekend, and bringing them home on Sunday. Fat Chance! (This paragraph is the reason my in-laws were never informed when I started the new blog). With my in-laws, they seem to have an all or nothing policy. If we say we'll visit for the day, they want them overnight. The time the boys spent the night recently, Steve's parents threw a fit because it was only one night, even telling the boys that it was "mom's fault" that they couldn't stay longer. And, each time the boys HAVE gone overnight, we get a call either the week before or the while they're there asking us to change plans, either coming to meet them half way to pick them up or other changes. And now, I'm the bad guy because I don't want to spend my Mother's Day sitting around waiting for my kids to come home. Steve is going to take the boys there for the day on Saturday (about an hour and a half away) and bring them home that evening. It's a compromise and I wish just once they'd be happy for the extra effort we make, not always wanting more. I will then look forward to finally spending some time with them on Sunday, for the first time all week.

Also this week is my annual. Not such a big deal other than yucky. Except that there seem to be some changes lately that I need to discuss with the doctor, and it will probably result in expensive tests that we can't afford right now, thanks to the crappy insurance changes that Steve's job made. The co-pay alone doubled, making it a major bill rather than a minor one.

Two scout events, two baseball practices, baseball pictures, school carnival, school spirit week (meaning "special" outfits" necessary each day), and preparing for my student recital will round off the week quite nicely. Wonder if the house will get cleaned? Not likely. But that's okay. I have next week to put everything back together again.

I think I'll spend my alone day (since the fam will be gone for a Mother's Day celebration without me) wandering garage sales and possibly going to the local beauty school and getting my hair colored for the very first time ever. Since I've been growing out my bangs I think I need to add a little more pizazz and I have always wanted to mess with the color a little. If it turns out bad, I'll be the only person in the symphony concert that evening with purple hair. At least I'll stand out :)

Have a great week.

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Stacey,momof 2 said...

ah, when I read I here at your blog I feel like we are sisters --:) My parents' are the ones who almost never want the kids-- but then get offended when other family or friends are involved with the kids! Go figure !
We also have a full week and- spirit week at school-- along with Shane only going half days this week-- grrr. I have also gone to the beauty school for hair stuff-- I suggest requesting a SENIOR-- that way you are less likely to have funky hair! --
Are you going to tell us more about your church ? :)
I hope mother's day plans end up working out for you !